“Let’s get together and feel alright”

8 Apr

More and more designers are collaborating with main stream stores. One of the best known examples of this (or at least in my eyes) is Target. They collaborate with everyone from Zac Posen to Alexander McQueen. This gives a chance for all of us budget conscious fashionistas to get a little piece of the pie. While the pieces are often less detailed and the fabric is obviously of less quality, the idea that you can own a “Zac Posen” leather jacket for around $200 is pretty cool.

I recently came across a few spring look books of designer collaborations at stores where I do not normally shop. Looking through them convinced me to go check them out in person. Here are a few of my favorites:

Elle for Kohl’s:

The maxi dress is perfect for a lazy summer day. I love the colors and pattern of this dress.


I love the color.I love the ruffles. I love the belt. I love the shape. I NEED this coat. Gimmie.

I have been very attracted to this plum/eggplant color recently and really love both of these looks. they would be a perfect transition from spring to summer.


I Heart Ronson for JCPenny:

I love these shoes and this dress.  Charlotte Ronson’s pieces are girly but have a little bit of an edge, very versatile.  

I’ve recently started to become obsessed with silk shirts. While I am not sure this shirt is 100% silk, it still sparks and interest and I could picture it fitting perfectly into my wardrobe.

I was never a big dress/skirt girl but ever since starting a real-life-grown-up-job last fall they are all I wear. This dress is definitely something I need.

p.s. Not sure why this model looks so angry in each picture. Clothes are awesome none the less.

Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s:

While she may not be blowing up the pages of Vogue, Lauren Conrad has been a style icon of mine since her days on MTV’s Laguna Beach. I have multiple floral print tanks, I love them. Need it. (side note: I also love hearts which makes me love this photo even more)

This dress is very flirty and fun. Pair with flats for work and heels for night and have a go-to transition outfit.

Remember when you were young and wore “skorts”? This is a modern grown-up take on that. It may look like a skirt but it is actually shorts. Awesome. This is totally and outfit I would run around the town with my girlfriends in. Maybe even do a cartwheel or two.


Things that make me happy today:


2. Warmer weather means wardrobe rotation

3. Cupcakes at work. It’s becomming weekly and I don’t hate it.


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