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Fashion Trend: Stripes

31 May

This summer stripes are popping up everywhere and I love it. It is no secret that I love everything preppy and nautical (seen here) and stripes are a major player in that trend. From rugby to pin, I love all stripes. They are versatile and can be paired with almost anything: patterns, floral, solids, it is hard to find something stripes won’t compliment. Recently, when shopping, I look around my dressing room and see stripes everywhere. It is a trend I am currently loving and can see myself loving for the long haul. Check out some of my favorite finds below:

Contrast Stripes: Forever 21 – $14.80

Tuxedo Dress: 71 Stanton – $161

Striped Skirt: Free People  – $78

Striped Canvas Belt: M  Missoni – $125

Striped Dress: H&M – $14.95

Stripe Dome Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs – $78 (also seen here)


1. The Bachelorette (hello cute boys)

2. Tans (thank you Memorial Day Weekend)

3. Ice Cream

Happy Three Day Weekend

30 May

I am spending Memorial Day Weekend at my lake house on Lake Sunapee. It is going to be beautiful and I will be sitting on my dock, reading a book, and relaxing. Mini Vacation. This week coming up is going to be crazy and stressful.  I have my first race ever (crazy) and a super secret meeting (stressful). While I do not want this weekend to end I am excited for this summer and each weekend becoming a mini vacation.

(Image Via)


Things that make me happy today:

1. Relaxing by the lake

2. The beginning of summer

3. Ice cold drinks

Kick Off to Summer 2011

27 May

This weekend is the official kick off to summer 2011 and I couldn’t be more excited. It means bbq’s, sun, beach, swimming, s’mores, and longer days. I am not 100% positive what my plans are for the weekend but I know I will either be at my lake house or on the cape. 

This will be my first summer as an adult and I know the transition is going to be weird. No more long days spent babysitting at the yacht club, country club, or lake. I will now be stuck inside staring at the sun out the window. Lucky for me, my company is across the street from the ocean so I can take hour-long walks during lunch.  What are your plans to kick off the summer? What are you most excited for?

I am most excited for s’mores this summer. After a long day spent in the sun, there is nothing better than watching the sun set, lighting the fire pit, allowing the breeze from the lake to cool your sun-kissed cheeks, wrapped in a blanket and perfectly toasting a marshmallow for that ooey-gooey late night snack. My mouth is watering.

(All images via weheartit)


Things that make me happy today:

1. The sun

2. The lake

3. Warm Breeze

Watermelon: The Original Pink + Green

26 May

When I was little I had a pink, white and green stripped shirt. I called it my watermelon shirt and it was my favorite. I wore it for years, far past the point when it fit me appropriately. My mom finally deemed it too small and I was heart-broken. The color combination was fun, flirty, bright, and cheerful. Ever since the shirt was forced into retirement, I have been searching for a replacement with no luck. I often think about the shirt and wonder if it is reason pink and green is my favorite color combination. Either way, the colors are always seeping into my world. Whether it is through the color theme I choose for my room, the monogrammed decal on my phone, or my recent “pins” on Pinterest, watermelon is never far behind.

 (All images via Pinterest)

Outfit Inspiration: Watermelon

  1. Shorts: Antik Batik Jana Washed Silk Shorts – Net-a-Porter
  2. Shirt: Miu Miu Polka Dot Silk Shirt – Net-a-Porter
  3. Shoes: Marc Jacobs Nude Wedges – Bloomingdale’s
  4. Necklace: Nordstrom
  5. Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane – Net-a-Porter
  6. Nail Polish: Katy Perry for OPI – OPI

I know it is a bit matchy-matchy, but it still makes me smile.



Things that make me happy today:

1. Mexican food

2. Warm nights on the porch, finally

3. New opportunities

Impossible Decisions

25 May

Being a lover of all things preppy, my heart tends to flutter at the sight of madras, pastels, seersucker, bright patterns, and boat shoes. The only thing more incredible would be if all of those were combined into one and now they are. Thank you Sperry Top-Sider for making my life just a little bit better on this gloomy day. (Yes, it is STILL raining in Boston).

If this rain ever stops, summer should be just around the corner, and that means boat shoes will start appearing and I couldn’t be more excited. I have one problem though, how will I ever choose a new pair for this season with SO many a m a z i n g choices? Help!




I literally want each pair. I do not think I can choose. I may need to buy one of each.  



Things that make me happy today:

1. Boat Shoes

2. Lunch Dates

3. Miniature Candy – one bit is just enough.

This Trend Has Me Hooked

24 May

One of my favorite websites is They have fabulous coverage of fashion week, are always ahead of trends, and are the place to go for fashion focused news. This morning while browsing the site I discovered an article of an emerging trend, crochet. When reading about new trends, I often surprise myself by realizing I have already embraced it. (This happened here). Recently I purchased this vest and an open stitch sweater from express (no longer online), both crochet. I have recently found myself flocking towards pieces with crochet detailing. It can work for most any outfit. The detail can be whimsical and add a hippie feel or very defined and dress up an outfit. Here are some pieces I am currently lusting over:

 Isabel Marant, $237


 Chanel, $2,450


 Club Monaco, $169


 Alexander Wang, $850


 Forever 21, $29.80


Enzo Angiolini, $99



Things that make me happy today:

1. Chai Tea Latte

2. Making time to read before bed

3. Stir-Fry


23 May

Today I was browsing the Sephora website when something caught my eye. Normally I am not into trendy, expensive beauty treatments but this one has roped me in. It’s called “glo” and is supposedly a revolutionary whitening system. Maybe it is another fad and maybe I am falling for their marketing but after researching it, I really want to try it. No sensitivity, five shades brighter in five days? Sounds to good to be true. Now I just have to decide if I want to shell out the $275 price. Below is some information and pictures from the Sephora website, be sure to head over there to learn even more.  What to you guys think, would you partake?

How does GLO Whitening work?
The key to achieving the best whitening results is frequency and contact time. From our studies, using GLO for three to five days has shown an average of five shade changes. If you need more time, you can use up to 10 days in a row for hard-to-whiten teeth.


(It kind of looks like an iphone)

How white can I get my smile?
Some of it is up to you; some is up to Mother Nature. Dr. Levine has been using the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device on his own patients, and it has been clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of five shades lighter in five days. In some cases, it has whitened teeth up to eight shades lighter.

(Have any of you tried it?)

My teeth have been sensitive to other whitening products—can I use GLO?
Yes, GLO Science innovation has been designed to eliminate the problems of sensitivity. The whitening gel is alcohol and carbamide peroxide-free, which commonly cause sensitivity and drying out of the gums. The GLO Brilliant Whitening Gel does not migrate onto gums and other soft tissue, where sensitivity commonly happens, too. It is thixotropic, which means it stays put where you place it.




Things that make me happy today:

1. Diet Pepsi (probably why my teeth are not white)

2. Starbucks (probably why my teeth are not white)

3. Realizing my habits keep my teeth from being white 

Congratulations Class of 2011!

21 May

One year ago from this weekend I graduated from college. C r a z y. I still feel like I am on summer vacation and will be going back soon, and this weekend, I am. Being in a sorority and pledging my sophomore year, I became very close to the freshmen that were in my pledge class. Those girls are still (and will forever be) my best friends. It has been hard this past year being in the real world while they are celebrating their senior year of college. I am so proud of all them and very excited to party this weekend at my alma mater with the new graduates.

So here is to you my besties! I wish you the best and can’t wait to see all the amazing things you are about to do. LOVE YOU ALL!!

In my sorority an owl is one of our symbols and it will always be very near and dear to my heart. (Confession: I will buy anything with an owl on it, no matter how creepy). I thought this hand-made graduation card was super appropriate.

Me and some of the other graduating seniors sitting on our sorority house last spring.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Seeing my friends

2. Being with friends

3. Laughing with friends

Pretty Peonies

20 May

Until recently I was convinced my favorite flower was a Gerber Daisy. They are bright, bold and beautiful. However, as my taste matures and I discover bigger and better things, I have realized it is no longer the #1 flower in my life. Enter peonies. In the past few months whenever I see this flower my heart skips a beat and I instantly start dreaming of my (non-existent) wedding. They can intensify many different feelings, from rustic to romantic. I have been using Pinterest to “pin” pictures I find of Peonies, check out some of my favorites below.




Things that make me happy today:

1. Going to see some best friends graduate college tomorrow

2. Chipotle

3. Pink and green

What I Wore

19 May

With all the gloomy weather we have been having it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, let alone get dressed. Yesterday I decided to fight the weather and wear white jeans, Jack Rogers, a neon silk shirt, and a light pink Jackie Cardigan. Today I decided to embrace the weather and wear something dark, grey, and comfortable.


What I Wore: Black and Grey


While these are not the exact pieces I wore (Polyvore didn’t have the exact items) it is pretty much identical. This past weekend I finally picked up the maxi skirt I have been wanting from Express. I can see this skirt being paired with many pieces from my closet but wanted to have the skirt be the main focus the first time I wore it. Paired with simple black and gold (light on accessories) it made the grey skirt the statement.  Here are all the items I wore:

1. Maxi Skirt – Express

2. Scoop neck black tee – American Apparel

3. Elastic band belt – Unknown

4. Watch – Michael Kors

5. Gold Bangles – Forever21

6. Pearl Earings – Ross Simon

7. Black Espadrilles – Franco Sarto


Things that make me happy today:

1. Countdown to seeing the besites – 2 days!

2. Being rewarded for for being a gold member

3. Pasta

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