23 May

Today I was browsing the Sephora website when something caught my eye. Normally I am not into trendy, expensive beauty treatments but this one has roped me in. It’s called “glo” and is supposedly a revolutionary whitening system. Maybe it is another fad and maybe I am falling for their marketing but after researching it, I really want to try it. No sensitivity, five shades brighter in five days? Sounds to good to be true. Now I just have to decide if I want to shell out the $275 price. Below is some information and pictures from the Sephora website, be sure to head over there to learn even more.  What to you guys think, would you partake?

How does GLO Whitening work?
The key to achieving the best whitening results is frequency and contact time. From our studies, using GLO for three to five days has shown an average of five shade changes. If you need more time, you can use up to 10 days in a row for hard-to-whiten teeth.


(It kind of looks like an iphone)

How white can I get my smile?
Some of it is up to you; some is up to Mother Nature. Dr. Levine has been using the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device on his own patients, and it has been clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of five shades lighter in five days. In some cases, it has whitened teeth up to eight shades lighter.

(Have any of you tried it?)

My teeth have been sensitive to other whitening products—can I use GLO?
Yes, GLO Science innovation has been designed to eliminate the problems of sensitivity. The whitening gel is alcohol and carbamide peroxide-free, which commonly cause sensitivity and drying out of the gums. The GLO Brilliant Whitening Gel does not migrate onto gums and other soft tissue, where sensitivity commonly happens, too. It is thixotropic, which means it stays put where you place it.




Things that make me happy today:

1. Diet Pepsi (probably why my teeth are not white)

2. Starbucks (probably why my teeth are not white)

3. Realizing my habits keep my teeth from being white 


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