Watermelon: The Original Pink + Green

26 May

When I was little I had a pink, white and green stripped shirt. I called it my watermelon shirt and it was my favorite. I wore it for years, far past the point when it fit me appropriately. My mom finally deemed it too small and I was heart-broken. The color combination was fun, flirty, bright, and cheerful. Ever since the shirt was forced into retirement, I have been searching for a replacement with no luck. I often think about the shirt and wonder if it is reason pink and green is my favorite color combination. Either way, the colors are always seeping into my world. Whether it is through the color theme I choose for my room, the monogrammed decal on my phone, or my recent “pins” on Pinterest, watermelon is never far behind.

 (All images via Pinterest)

Outfit Inspiration: Watermelon

  1. Shorts: Antik Batik Jana Washed Silk Shorts – Net-a-Porter
  2. Shirt: Miu Miu Polka Dot Silk Shirt – Net-a-Porter
  3. Shoes: Marc Jacobs Nude Wedges – Bloomingdale’s
  4. Necklace: Nordstrom
  5. Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane – Net-a-Porter
  6. Nail Polish: Katy Perry for OPI – OPI

I know it is a bit matchy-matchy, but it still makes me smile.



Things that make me happy today:

1. Mexican food

2. Warm nights on the porch, finally

3. New opportunities


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