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Summer Essentials on Ten Scenic Drive

30 Jun

Today I am guest posting for Kristin of Ten Scenic Drive while she is traveling around the globe for work! Seriously, cool. Head on over to her blog to check out my thoughts on summer and all my summer essentials! A big thanks and safe travels to Kristin!

Summer Essentials



1. Jergens Natural Glow for the face – $3.99. I swear by this all year along but go a shade darker in the summer. It protects your face with SPF 20 while gradually giving you a summer glow!

2. Toms Classic Crochet – $58.99. It is no secret that I LOVE Toms Shoes. I couldn’t help but snatch up these perfect-for-summer pair!

3. Sea Bags Recycled Sail Tote – $245. I love this bag. It is perfect for summer and being made out of recycled sails, it is not only green, but can hold up to all summer elements!

4. Kate Spade Flower Studs – $68. Kate Spade jewelry is my go to for any occasion. I prefer studs in the summer and these bright flowers will go perfect with every outfit!

5. Victorias Secret Bathing Suit. My bathing suits seem to only last one year. They fade quickly from all the lake/pool/ocean water and Victorias Secret always has cute ones for cheap! I love this one since it has the removable strap, no tan lines!

6. Chanel Wayfer – $255. Sunglasses are essential to me all year-long. I have super sensitive eyes and a weird condition that makes me sneeze when in bright light. I just purchased these sunnies and couldn’t be happier!

7. J Crew Classic V-neck – $29.99. This shirt is super light and comes in every color which makes it perfect for summer days. I think I own over 10 of them, yes, ten.

8. J Crew Straw Hat – $35. I bought this hat before my trip to St. John earlier this year. It is perfect to wear while laying out in the sun. It protects your face from sun exposure and provides just enough shade to read in the sunlight!

9. Lacrosse Jersey – FREE! I love wearing a lacrosse jersey as my cover up. It does not absorb water and keeps you very cool. I may or may not have stolen mine from a friend in college who played lacrosse, not sure if he knows…ask before taking yours!

10. 7 for all Mankind Jean Shorts – 148. Jean shorts or jorts are the perfect summer bottom. They can be dressed up or down and go with practically everything!

11. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray – $23. For some reason in the summer I feel like it is okay to wash my hair as much (it’s not). I love the after swimming look and this spray can give those beach waves even when sitting in the office.

Thanks, Kristin, for having me share my summer essentials with all your lovely readers!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Fresh manicure

2. Mangos

3. New England Sports


Mad Men is Bananas

29 Jun

The show Mad Men has become a phenomena in our culture with it’s sexy charm, beautiful actors, and curious plot. It’s no wonder it is also gaining exposure for it’s fashion with the 60’s being a main influence in fashion trends in the recent months. While the new season of Mad Men may be suspended until 2012 (bummer), Banana Republic is taking a chance to capitalize on it’s popularity. This august the retailer is releasing a Mad Men line and I can’t wait to check it out. I love the classic look to the 60’s and the fact that the silhouettes flatter basically every figure is a major bonus.

(All images via)


Things that make me happy today:

1. Oatmeal Cookie Frozen Yogurt

2. Lunch Date with a bestie

3. Still smiling from seeing Taylor Swift last weekend!

American Made: Tipsy Skipper

28 Jun

I am so excited to introduce all of you to a fantastic brand, Tipsy Skipper. This brand has been on my radar for some time and I can’t believe I am only now talking about it. It was an obvious choice for my first installment of a new series “American Made”. I think it is super awesome when companies work hard to have 100% American Made products and Tipsy Skipper does just that. So cool!

Tipsy Skipper was started by Kearsley Lloyd who just so happens to be a descendant of the infamous Captain Morgan (yes, it was a real person!). Like me, Kearsley loves anything to do with water, sailing, summer and just generally enjoying life. She was able to launch her own company after gaining experience at both Lilly Pulitzer AND Vineyard Vines. Hello, insanely jealous. The patterns she designs are super cute and fun. So much so that it is hard to choose a favorite! Ms. Tipsy Skipper herself was nice enough to answer a few questions for me so you all can get to know the woman behind the brand a little better. Be sure to head on over to her website and get ready to check out some truly amazing designs!

Without further ado:

Kearsley Lloyd of Tipsy Skipper

Where does the name “Tipsy Skipper” come from?

Tipsy Skipper


Which Tipsy Skipper pattern is your favorite?

Yikes! That’s the toughest question you could ask me! Choosing between my designs is like choosing between children! I would have to say that I’m in love with Starboard Tack.

 The Captain Morgan Clutch in starboard Tack. (I think this just might be my favorite print too!)

 Who (if anyone) has influenced you the most?

There are two people that influenced my art and design early on. I was fortunate to work with two very creative artists between the ages of 6-12. They introduced me to working with different media, and even cultural influences, and taught me to think in a new way. One teacher was traditional; the other was more eclectic and multicultural.


Where do you see your brand going in the future?

I’m a one-day-at-a-time kind of person; I’m going to let Tipsy Skipper decide. All I can tell you is I’ll be at my next trunk show event on July 6 haha! I’m having a lot of fun, and that’s how I’d like it to stay!


 What is your favorite drink to get “tipsy” on?

My favorite drink is the Tipsy Skipper cocktail! The great folks at Gosling’s Rum have created a custom Tipsy Skipper cocktail! I just filmed a quick video today – a ‘how to’ which will be up on the facebook page within the next week While the name is obvious, a Tipsy Skipper knows the difference between ‘Tipsy’ and too much! Drink responsibly, and always fashionably!


I hope you all enjoyed learning about Tipsy Skipper. I do hope you will hop on over to the site and say hi!

Thanks Kearsley for everything!

Marley Lilly

27 Jun

You know that feeling when you discover something and you kind of stop breathing? Well that is how I feel about Marley Lilly. I want everything on their site. Anything you may need you can find here. The best part is EVERYTHING is monogrammed! We all know my intense love for all things monogrammed, mentioned here, here, and here (and many other posts!). This site is perfect to buy thoughtful gifts for birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. I love to gift and always try to put a lot of thought into it, adding a monogrammed piece shows that you were really thinking of your friend/sister/aunt and didn’t just run down to the local Paper Store to pick something up. While I could show you the entire website, I narrowed down my top favorite picks:

6 Pack Tube Cooler – $29.99. I have never seen anything like this so right there it earns a huge point for awesomeness. Then it gets better when you monogram it and then better yet again when you fill it with 6 Bud Lights and head to the beach. Thank you Marley Lilly for revolutionizing my life.


Monogrammed Market Basket – $24.99. This would be perfect to use as a gift basket! You could fill it with the birthday girls favorite goodies and bonus, she can use it shop after the party.


Monogrammed Cutting Board – $49.00. This is the perfect house-warming gift. It is functional as well as pretty enough to leave on the counter as decoration!


Monogrammed Terrycloth Cover Up – $39.99. I plan things way to far in advance (type A to the max) and already know this will be one of the gifts for my bridesmaids. Perfect for when they are getting their hair and make-up done before the big day and super function for every day use afterwards!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Unexpected emails

2. Being efficient

3. A new package of Post-It’s

The Best Thing In the World Happened

25 Jun

So it’s Friday at 4:38 PM as I write this. First of all 5:00 cannot come soon enough, I need to bust out of this office. Second of all the best thing in the entire world that could have ever happened just happened. I am going to Taylor Swift TOMORROW. She is playing two shows at Gillette, one Saturday and one Sunday. They have been sold out for months and now I am going. Also, i’m going with my besties, could it get any better? Only if I meet her. She is my idol slash most favoritest (new word created specifically for this occasion) person on the planet. My top 25 most played songs on iTunes? Taylor. My calendar? Taylor. My ringtone? Taylor. My Halloween costume? Taylor.

Can’t. Breath.

Yes, you. You’re my favorite.

See you tonight, Tay. (We are on a first named basis, nbd)


Friday Fancies: Summer Lovin’

24 Jun

The Friday Fancies posts have been on my blogging radar for some time. I love styling and creating outfits and so I guess it is a natural progression that I finally decided to do one. {av} over at {long distance loving} pioneered the idea, she encourages other bloggers to create their Friday Fancies and link up to her post. Being a Polyvore addict I think this is just the weekly outlet for me to release my need to style! Check out {av}’s blog for awesome inspiration and all the Friday Fancies!

This past Tuesday was officially the first day of summer, finally! Even though it has been raining/overcast ever since, my spirits still feel lifted. It’s weird, as soon as the first day of summer hit, I suddenly already have jam-packed weekends planned with summer activities. Tonight I leave for a weekend on the Cape. Next weekend I am visiting a besite in CT for the long weekend. Then I have a family reunion at my lake house, a wedding, Six Flags visit ahhh! Summer activities galore, I love it.

I think it is always important to have a go-to outfit each season. This past spring mine has been tights, chiffon dresses, belts, long cardigans, LOTS of jewelry, and my favorite riding boots. This summer I see cropped pants, airy tee’s, minimal but bright jewelry and fun shoes. Perfect to transition from day-to-night.

summer lovin'



1. Current Elliott Pants – $170: Net-a-Porter

2. Megan Park Chiffon Blouse – $345: Les Pommettes

3. 5 Layer Necklace – $249: Tiger Lily

4. Stud Earrings – $155: MonoCreatura

5. Foil Tear Cocktail Ring – $28: TopShop

6. Antik Batik Cuff – $95: Calypso St. Barth

7. Lace Up Cut Out Wedge – $323 sale $226: Sam Edelman

8. Leather Pouch – $68: American Apparel


Things that make me happy today:

1. Cape Cod

2. Summertime

3. Seeing Besties

When the best gets better

23 Jun

When the glittery star on my calendar finally told me it was the day The Glitter Guide launched, I was ecstatic. The website blew me away and was more than I ever excepted. It is made up of some of the best fashion bloggers out there who came together to create the most insanely awesome collaboration you could ever imagine. You MUST check it out if you haven’t already. Right when I thought The Glitter Guide couldn’t get any better, it did. They are running a contest to win a Foley + Corinna bag! Hello amazing. If you don’t remember, a Foley + Corinna bag is first on my post it. If you want to enter, head on over to The Glitter Guide and follow the instructions below:

“How to enter:
1. Head over to Shop Style Glitter Girl Contest Page
2. Create a Style Book with the Foley and Corinna handbag that you’d like to win
3. Add items from any brand you like to create the rest of your Glitter Girl look

In one week our editors will pick their favorite Glitter Girl look and the winner will receive their Foley and Corinna handbag! We can’t wait to see them.”

-The Glitter Guide

I created two different looks and I may be biased but I think they are pretty awesome.



Things that make me happy today:

1. Foley + Corinna

2. The Glitter Guide

3. ShopStyle

Outdoor Spaces

22 Jun

This weekend my friends are coming. I couldn’t be more excited. One of my besties is going through a though time right now and she is coming all the way from NY to spend the weekend. A few of my other friends that live in the area are going to be coming into Boston to help make her smile. We plan on laughing a lot, spending friday night in the city and saturday/night at my roommates house on the Cape. When thinking about plans for Friday I couldn’t help but wish I had an awesome outdoor space to entertain all my friends. Living in an apartment in the City, unless you have a roof deck, outdoor space is pretty nonexistent. When I grow up (never will) I will make sure to have a prime space for parties outside. For now, I just have to dream..

I feel relaxed just looking at this picture. Maybe not the best for entertaining but still w-o-w.


This space would be perfect for tea parties. Being in a sorority, all my friends and I love any excuse to dress up!


I could sit on this deck all day and read those magazine with some ice tea and good friends. (Confession: I actually hate iced tea. Except Starbucks iced passion tea, to-die-for)


I hope Future Husband (cough, Zac Efron) knows how to bbq. This looks like the perfect back yard for the grown up version of me.

(All images via)



Things that make me happy today:

1. A new bite cap for my Camelbak water bottle. It is now officially pink and green.

2. Discovering a new chapstick (to be revealed later), I never though anything could out shine Lypsyl!

3. Fresh pedicure.

Guest Post: a {Little} dash of ash

21 Jun
I am so excited to introduce all of you to one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley from a {little} dash of ash. I always look forward to reading her amazing blog and getting fresh inspiration daily! She is the first of my guest bloggers to let you know all of her Summer Staples and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to kick off the series! Make sure you hop on over to her blog, I guarantee it will become one of your daily reads too 🙂 Thanks Ashley!
 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Hi Friends of Sprinkles on Everything!  I am Ashley from a {little} dash of ash.  I was really excited when Emmy asked me to do a post for her Summer Staples Guest Blogging Series!  When I think of my summer staples, I think of some of my favorite beauty products that I just couldn’t live without!  Here is what is in my bag:
I don’t need a lot in the summer… actually the above is pretty much it!  The number one thing I could not live without is the jergen’s natural glow lotion as it truly does work and keeps your skin a natural bronze all summer long… and it’s a lot healthier than tanning beds and the sun!  However, I could never avoid the sun (I’m a beach girl at heart) so when I am out and about I always make sure to put at least 30 SPF on!  I don’t wear a lot of makeup… all I need is something to bronze my cheeks, mascara and lip gloss and I am ready to go! The best hair product on the market is Moroccan Oil… it’s.amazing… you must go buy it now 😉  haha!  The rest of the products you can see {here}.I also have a huge obsession with nail polish in fun, summer colors!  I’ve stocked up on probably 20 bottles already this summer (not kidding)!  And… have been changing out my color almost daily!  Check out these to-die-for colors below!

Essie’s Summer Collection

That’s pretty much all I need to get me through the summer!  Well, that and some sunny days!  Thank you Emmy for allowing me to guest post on your blog!  Hop on over to a {little} dash of ash for some more inspiration and a summer giveaway that was just announced yesterday!!  xxoo!


20 Jun

Patterns are not normally my thing. I buy them but I rarely wear them. I can usually be found sporting solids, stripes, and small floral patterns. The bright and bold prints my eyes are attracted too don’t flatter me as well as smaller prints and solid colors. Lately I have found myself picking Ikat patterns out everywhere I go. I recently bought a purple and blue Ikat skirt from Old Navy (Which is no longer online) I have yet to wear. It is currently on a hanger in my room, displayed more as artwork. I am going to wear it soon, I am just trying to imagine the best way to style it for my body/lifestyle. Until then, I will continue to lust over this centuries old print as it stands the test of time.

Loomed Bowl – Anthropologie: $14


Ikat Maxi Skirt – F21: $19.80


Silk Ikat Dress – Banana Republic: $130 sale $100


Island Ikat Duvet – West Elm: $119 sale $89.99



Things that make me happy today:

1. Sale Items

2. Taking Charge

3. Taking some time to slow down

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