Blake Lively: Oh So Glamorous

7 Jun

When the new issue of Glamour hit the shelves I was so excited to see Blake Lively on the cover. I have been a fan of her’s ever since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Blake has become a fashion icon, muse of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, and most recently scored the coveted role of the face of Chanel. She is quickly becoming known for her fashion sense and ability to truly showcase whatever she may be wearing. After looking at these pictures, there is no question as to why designers are rushing to sign her. Picking up on the recently popular 60’s vibe seen throughout the fashion world, these pictures remind me of a scene straight out of Mad Men.

How adorable is her pup??

I would love to adorn any and all of these outfits. Consider this my new inspiration.

(All images via)

Best fact I learned about Ms. Lively: she is her own stylist!

“You know, my mom modeled and made clothes, so I always had such an appreciation for design. And then Gossip Girl completely blew open the door to fashion for me. I’d go to fashion shows and call my publicist and say, “Can I wear that?” I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better. And once I was told it was time to get one, I thought: This is one of my favorite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me? That’s a terrible idea! ” – Blake Lively

P.S. – Did you hear the rumor she is dating Leo? Swoon.



Things that make me happy today:

1. Mixing prints

2. Iced Coffee

3. Lunch Breaks


One Response to “Blake Lively: Oh So Glamorous”

  1. Rachel {Little Bits of Lovely} June 7, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

    I love this shoot, Blake looks utterly stunning! Love this look on her, so glam! xo

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