Graduation Presents

8 Jun

Gifting is one of my favorite things to do. I take extreme pride in the presents I give and put in an overload of thought into each and every one. Some of my best friends in the whole world are a year younger than me and graduated from college a few weeks ago. I have done the whole picture book thing chronicling all four years of school (awesome idea if you haven’t done it by the way) but wanted something new. Last night I had my “ah-ha” moment as Oprah would say.

 An L.L.Bean boat tote filled will all the things they will need in the real world, monogrammed of course and not just any monogram. I don’t know how all schools assign email address but I went to a rather large school and because of that we had weird email address. It wasn’t just it would be something like To remember college and our silly emails I decided to order boat totes in their college colors with the handle of the email on it, such as “jek57”. They can use the bags for grad school or a grown-up job (In New England you must have a big bag to carry your “work shoes” when you take off your snow boots). Below are a few of the options L.L. Bean offers:

These are what I chose. Size medium with long handles.


Available colors


or you can get creative and make a custom bag. I actually have this exact custom bag above!


What would I put in these bags? Well it depends.

– For a friend who is going into the work force I would include a cute pen/pencil holder, Lilly picture frame, and hand lotion. The 3 essentials on my desk. They make it pretty, add my own personal style, and keep my hands from getting dry from the cheap bathroom soap.


– For a friend who is going to grad school I would include a cute pen/pencil-case, small photo album, and hand lotion. I am going to get pencil cases in coordinating colors to the sorority they were in and fill the album with pictures from school and the lotion, well, I hate dry hands.

Graduation Presents 2


Graduation Presents 2 by sprinklesoneverything featuring tote handbags


Things that make me happy today:

1. Chilis

2. WWD

3. The weather forecast


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