Guest Post: a {Little} dash of ash

21 Jun
I am so excited to introduce all of you to one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley from a {little} dash of ash. I always look forward to reading her amazing blog and getting fresh inspiration daily! She is the first of my guest bloggers to let you know all of her Summer Staples and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to kick off the series! Make sure you hop on over to her blog, I guarantee it will become one of your daily reads too 🙂 Thanks Ashley!
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Hi Friends of Sprinkles on Everything!  I am Ashley from a {little} dash of ash.  I was really excited when Emmy asked me to do a post for her Summer Staples Guest Blogging Series!  When I think of my summer staples, I think of some of my favorite beauty products that I just couldn’t live without!  Here is what is in my bag:
I don’t need a lot in the summer… actually the above is pretty much it!  The number one thing I could not live without is the jergen’s natural glow lotion as it truly does work and keeps your skin a natural bronze all summer long… and it’s a lot healthier than tanning beds and the sun!  However, I could never avoid the sun (I’m a beach girl at heart) so when I am out and about I always make sure to put at least 30 SPF on!  I don’t wear a lot of makeup… all I need is something to bronze my cheeks, mascara and lip gloss and I am ready to go! The best hair product on the market is Moroccan Oil… it’s.amazing… you must go buy it now 😉  haha!  The rest of the products you can see {here}.I also have a huge obsession with nail polish in fun, summer colors!  I’ve stocked up on probably 20 bottles already this summer (not kidding)!  And… have been changing out my color almost daily!  Check out these to-die-for colors below!

Essie’s Summer Collection

That’s pretty much all I need to get me through the summer!  Well, that and some sunny days!  Thank you Emmy for allowing me to guest post on your blog!  Hop on over to a {little} dash of ash for some more inspiration and a summer giveaway that was just announced yesterday!!  xxoo!


One Response to “Guest Post: a {Little} dash of ash”

  1. June 23, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    I love these summer staples! Great ideas. Especially the Essie line! I’ve been seeing that everywhere lately!
    Star Hughes Living

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