Outdoor Spaces

22 Jun

This weekend my friends are coming. I couldn’t be more excited. One of my besties is going through a though time right now and she is coming all the way from NY to spend the weekend. A few of my other friends that live in the area are going to be coming into Boston to help make her smile. We plan on laughing a lot, spending friday night in the city and saturday/night at my roommates house on the Cape. When thinking about plans for Friday I couldn’t help but wish I had an awesome outdoor space to entertain all my friends. Living in an apartment in the City, unless you have a roof deck, outdoor space is pretty nonexistent. When I grow up (never will) I will make sure to have a prime space for parties outside. For now, I just have to dream..

I feel relaxed just looking at this picture. Maybe not the best for entertaining but still w-o-w.


This space would be perfect for tea parties. Being in a sorority, all my friends and I love any excuse to dress up!


I could sit on this deck all day and read those magazine with some ice tea and good friends. (Confession: I actually hate iced tea. Except Starbucks iced passion tea, to-die-for)


I hope Future Husband (cough, Zac Efron) knows how to bbq. This looks like the perfect back yard for the grown up version of me.

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Things that make me happy today:

1. A new bite cap for my Camelbak water bottle. It is now officially pink and green.

2. Discovering a new chapstick (to be revealed later), I never though anything could out shine Lypsyl!

3. Fresh pedicure.


One Response to “Outdoor Spaces”

  1. www.StarHughes.com June 23, 2011 at 1:47 am #

    Okay okay, you can have Zac Efron as long as I can have Chris Pine :p haha I read that and thought, this is my kind of friend!! Love these outdoor spaces too. So pretty!
    Star Hughes Living

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