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Outdoor Spaces

22 Jun

This weekend my friends are coming. I couldn’t be more excited. One of my besties is going through a though time right now and she is coming all the way from NY to spend the weekend. A few of my other friends that live in the area are going to be coming into Boston to help make her smile. We plan on laughing a lot, spending friday night in the city and saturday/night at my roommates house on the Cape. When thinking about plans for Friday I couldn’t help but wish I had an awesome outdoor space to entertain all my friends. Living in an apartment in the City, unless you have a roof deck, outdoor space is pretty nonexistent. When I grow up (never will) I will make sure to have a prime space for parties outside. For now, I just have to dream..

I feel relaxed just looking at this picture. Maybe not the best for entertaining but still w-o-w.


This space would be perfect for tea parties. Being in a sorority, all my friends and I love any excuse to dress up!


I could sit on this deck all day and read those magazine with some ice tea and good friends. (Confession: I actually hate iced tea. Except Starbucks iced passion tea, to-die-for)


I hope Future Husband (cough, Zac Efron) knows how to bbq. This looks like the perfect back yard for the grown up version of me.

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Things that make me happy today:

1. A new bite cap for my Camelbak water bottle. It is now officially pink and green.

2. Discovering a new chapstick (to be revealed later), I never though anything could out shine Lypsyl!

3. Fresh pedicure.

Guest Post: a {Little} dash of ash

21 Jun
I am so excited to introduce all of you to one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley from a {little} dash of ash. I always look forward to reading her amazing blog and getting fresh inspiration daily! She is the first of my guest bloggers to let you know all of her Summer Staples and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to kick off the series! Make sure you hop on over to her blog, I guarantee it will become one of your daily reads too 🙂 Thanks Ashley!
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Hi Friends of Sprinkles on Everything!  I am Ashley from a {little} dash of ash.  I was really excited when Emmy asked me to do a post for her Summer Staples Guest Blogging Series!  When I think of my summer staples, I think of some of my favorite beauty products that I just couldn’t live without!  Here is what is in my bag:
I don’t need a lot in the summer… actually the above is pretty much it!  The number one thing I could not live without is the jergen’s natural glow lotion as it truly does work and keeps your skin a natural bronze all summer long… and it’s a lot healthier than tanning beds and the sun!  However, I could never avoid the sun (I’m a beach girl at heart) so when I am out and about I always make sure to put at least 30 SPF on!  I don’t wear a lot of makeup… all I need is something to bronze my cheeks, mascara and lip gloss and I am ready to go! The best hair product on the market is Moroccan Oil… it’s.amazing… you must go buy it now 😉  haha!  The rest of the products you can see {here}.I also have a huge obsession with nail polish in fun, summer colors!  I’ve stocked up on probably 20 bottles already this summer (not kidding)!  And… have been changing out my color almost daily!  Check out these to-die-for colors below!

Essie’s Summer Collection

That’s pretty much all I need to get me through the summer!  Well, that and some sunny days!  Thank you Emmy for allowing me to guest post on your blog!  Hop on over to a {little} dash of ash for some more inspiration and a summer giveaway that was just announced yesterday!!  xxoo!


20 Jun

Patterns are not normally my thing. I buy them but I rarely wear them. I can usually be found sporting solids, stripes, and small floral patterns. The bright and bold prints my eyes are attracted too don’t flatter me as well as smaller prints and solid colors. Lately I have found myself picking Ikat patterns out everywhere I go. I recently bought a purple and blue Ikat skirt from Old Navy (Which is no longer online) I have yet to wear. It is currently on a hanger in my room, displayed more as artwork. I am going to wear it soon, I am just trying to imagine the best way to style it for my body/lifestyle. Until then, I will continue to lust over this centuries old print as it stands the test of time.

Loomed Bowl – Anthropologie: $14


Ikat Maxi Skirt – F21: $19.80


Silk Ikat Dress – Banana Republic: $130 sale $100


Island Ikat Duvet – West Elm: $119 sale $89.99



Things that make me happy today:

1. Sale Items

2. Taking Charge

3. Taking some time to slow down

Bedroom Talk

17 Jun

In Boston most apartment leases start September 1st. With this being the case, right now is the ample time to begin apartment hunting for the fall. I am still not sure whether or not I am going to be leaving my apartment or staying put but I can’t help but think about a new bedroom. Ever since the first episode of Trading Spaces (holy, throwback) I have been in love with interior decorating. If I had stronger math skills and the ability to draw more than a stick figure, I may have even majored in it. Oh well. I have been lusting over many bedroom images lately and they have made me sure of one thing, I need to incorporate more monograms. I have one monogrammed pillow right now but have been toying with the idea to DIY a monogrammed headboard. We will see how that goes..

I love how light and bright this room is. I could nap all day.


I love how the clothes create a headboard feel and are able to pop by being the only colors in the room.


Exposed brick? My dream. I love the shabby chic feel to this bedroom


Once again, exposed brick and bright white. Plus monograms? Sign me up!


If I was seven years old again, I would have promised Rumpelstiltskin my first-born to have this room.


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Things that make me happy today:

1. Starbucks caramel light frappachino

2. The Bruins winning the Stanley Cup, STILL excited.

3. Sparkles


Little Shorty

16 Jun

Since my apartment is small, I still keep out-of-season clothing at home (home=where I grew up and until further notice it will always be “home”). The weather has been a little unpredictable with some really hot days this spring, making some days perfect shorts weather but alas, mine were at home. When I went to my lake house for Memorial Day weekend, I made sure to stop and pick up all my shorts in my closet at home. I quickly threw them in a bag and left. When I returned to my apartment I unpacked the shorts and decided to try them on and make sure they still fit I still liked them all. Well the good news is I only disliked one pair, the bad news, most pairs are not appropriate for my grown up life (this is my first summer in the real world). My current collection of shorts is casual and consists of madras, jean cut offs, and bright J Crew Chinos. All perfect for day time events but not suitable for evening activities in the city. This weekend my mission is to find some girls-night-out appropriate pairs.



1. Grace Shorts: Club Monaco – $180

2. Poplin Printed Short Lilly Pulitzer – $60

3. Circle Lace Shorts: Anna Sui – $280

4. Army Short: Marc by Marc Jacobs$250 sale $129

5. Wild Ikat: J. Crew – $60

6. Paillette Shorts: J. Crew$150 sale $105



1. Bruins winning the Stanley Cup!!

2. Buffalo Chicken Dip

3. Seeing Bridesmaids tonight



15 Jun

Ever since I was little I have always had an unhealthy obsession with strawberries. My mom loves to tell the story about when I was kid and I would beg her to buy strawberries. She would always tell me if she bought them, I had to eat them and everytime I promised I would. Each promise was broken. I would stare at the strawberries for hours and finally take a bite. My face would turn sour, I didn’t like it. Summer after summer this was always the routine. My mom thinks I was determined to like them, “they are so pretty”, I always told her. Fast foward to today, if you were to ask me my favorite fruit food, the answer is strawberries. I’m not sure if my taste buds hadn’t yet developed when I was young or if my mind is still tricking me today but all those ‘wasted’ strawberries paid off becasue now, I can’t get enough. Cue mouth watering goodness:

I’ll have one bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner, please.


Combination of my favorite things


Umm sprinkles on strawberries? Okay!




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Outfit Inspiration: Stawberries




Things that make me happy today:

1. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup – Go Bruins!

2. New friends

3. Learning to be patient

Father’s Day Gift

14 Jun

With Father’s Day approaching this weekend it is time to start thinking about a gift. (If you haven’t already). As mentioned in my previous post about graduation gifts, I love gift giving. I always find it very difficult to shop for my dad. He doesn’t really want much and what he does want, he usually buys for himself. He also prefers to give/receive gifts that provide memories as opposed to “things”. I like to surprise people and give them the unexpected so this year I decided to stick with a theme. Yes, I have an obsession with themes. To combine my love of Vineyard Vines with Father’s Day I thought it would be a great idea to pair a new tie with an adventure. Vineyard Vines offers so many different ties there has to be one to fit the interests of your father. It is a perfect present to pair with a gift certificate to his favorite activity. (I hate giving just a gift card) Such as this techie tie with a gift card to an HTML class. Check out my favorite ideas below:

(All images via 1, 2, or 3)


I think the winner will most likely be the brewery tour. My dad loves beer and my brother brews with his friends so it is quickly becoming a family affair and very fitting for a Father’s Day gift.



Things that make me happy today:

1. A Kindle, I finally bought one!

2. Looking ahead to the future

3. Warm chili, it’s cold here again

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