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Laugh Out Loud

29 Jul

I saw this quote and had to post it. I couldn’t have said it better myself. There are so many times during the week when I am sitting at my lonely cube and all of a sudden start silently laughing to myself. You know that awkward laugh you try to hold in and people walking by probably think your crying? Yup. That’s me. My cube isn’t the only place it happens..just the most awkward place.

This weekend I am going to a friend’s house from college in Connecticut. Her parents are going away for the weekend so she invited all our girlfriends. How high school are we? Having a party while parent’s are away. I. Love. It. I know this weekend is going to be full of memories that are going to make me laugh out loud to myself while sitting in my cube. It’s going to be hot and beautiful out and I can’t wait to go to the beach, drink margs, and laugh until I cry.


Yummy Margs!

Have you ever had a Margarona? It’s a margarita + a corona. Here is the recipe..they are awesome. Plus after a few you will laugh..a lot.


Laying in the sun with friends is THE best therapy. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
Get it Selena

If I had to choose my favorite activity it would be laughing. I know that is silly and not really an activity but honestly there is nothing I would rather do.


(all images via 1 and 2)
When hanging out with friends I like to be comfortable but stylish. Being that it is summer and H-O-T I plan on wearing cute outfits that allow my stomach 6-pack abs to expand for laughing, eating and drinking.
Outfit Inspiration: Laughing
Things that make me happy today:
1. Seeing my friends tonight
2. Mini road trips
3. Coffee breaks

Missoni. 13. Target. All the things I Iove.

28 Jul

I almost didn’t want to share these photos because I was being selfish but you are my loyal readers and you are important enough to be reminded. Take out your planners (yes I still use a planner as if I were in the 8th grade and yes I love it) and put a big circle around the date of September 13th. –  On a side note, 13 is my favorite number and thus the 13th is my favorite day of each month therefore making this day that more incredible. – Anyway September 13th is the day that the Missoni line for Target premiers. You can place a bet on where I will be during my lunch break that day. I have lusted over Missoni for so long always knowing it was far too expensive to be part of my closet. Well people they are producing over 400 pieces for this line and I will may buy each and every one. The last time I talked about this a m a z i n g  collaboration (here) I didn’t think the day would ever come but now the date is quickly approaching. Sit down people. It’s going to be amazing.

Newly Released Teaser for the Line

Bright colors and bright sun. Go together well.


Can I have it?

Romper + Missoni. Love.

In the words of Sharpay Evans and High School Musical (yes you read that correctly) I Want It All!

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Things that make me happy today:

1. Dinner with friends after work

2. Seeing friends from college who I haven’t seen in months

3. My kindle

Goody! Two Shoes. MKAO Edition

27 Jul

If you have been reading my blog for even a short time you have probably picked up on two things, my love for MKAO (mentioned here and here) and my love for TOMS (mentioned here and here). Well the unthinkable has happened..they have collaborated. It was mentioned earlier this week by Instyle that Mary-Kate and Ashley have created a line of cashmere and wool classic Tom’s. At a price of $140 they may be a little pricy but I’m not sure I will be able to resist. Sorry credit card. Check out all the info here!

” “Having the opportunity to be a part of something so meaningful has made the collaboration with Toms so special to everyone at The Row,” Mary-Kate Olsen said in a statement” -Via Instyle


I want.


Funny story regarding MKAO. This past weekend I attended a family friend’s wedding. My mom offered to have the bride’s best friend stay in our house with her date. She ever so nicely gave them my room to sleep in while I slept in the office. ( I wish I could complain but it’s the only room with A/C and this past weekend was h-o-t) Anywhoo..the next morning I asked how they slept and Date answered “I was a little scared by the mass amounts of pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen staring at me”. I don’t doubt it. I have two framed large posters as well as a few framed magazine covers and a few collages. Obsessed? Maybe a little. However the room hasn’t been updated since I was 12. My room at my parent’s house needs a make-over…



Things that make me happy today:

1. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes. Just tried them, they’re great.

2. Chobani

3. The effects of a week in the sun making my hair lighter.

Tax Free

26 Jul

Almost every year in August Massachusetts has a Tax-Free weekend. It is a crazy insane shopping weekend where everything under $2,500 is sans tax. TV”s, furniture, and appliances top the list of purchases which doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Right now if I want something that is a tad expensive I usually order it online and have it shipped to my parent’s house in New Hampshire which is always a tax-free state.

 As a project for work I am compiling a list of companies where the 18-30 year old’s may choose to spend their money. So I’m asking for help from you, my readers, if you were given a debit card with $2,500 dollars on it what store would you rush to first?

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Bag – $528

 Buy it here.


Ipad 2. In pink, of course $499

 Buy it here.


Adam – Broomstick Crinkle Mini skirt $300

 Neon? Flowy? Okay. Buy it here.


The Monogrammed necklace that is STILL on my post-it $160

Buy it here.


Miu Miu Sandals $518

Buy them here.

That comes to a whopping total of $2,005 so I guess I could always throw in some staple items that aren’t always as much fun. Remember people this is what I would buy with my imaginary debit card prefilled with $2,500. What would you buy?
Things that make me happy today:
1. Being back in my apartment. It’s weird how it suddenly feels more like home than my parent’s house.
2. Seeing my roomies dog. I missed both of them so much.
3. The TV in my room far outweighs the TV in my room at my parents house.
P.S. I’m a little creeped out that I am now using the phrase “parent’s house”. I like “home town house” better.

Back to Work

25 Jul

My week-long vacation is over. sad. I have never had a week feel so long in my life. Probably because it is my first week off from grown up life. Before a week-long vacation was just as fun as the daily grind of college so it never seemed as refreshing. The weather was amazing even with the super hot heat wave. If there is one place to wait out a heat wave, it’s by a lake, trust me. I loved seeing my family and friends and couldn’t have asked for a better week. Sitting in my cube right now I can’t help but wish my office looked more like these:


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5 Things

22 Jul

I am taking a cue this week from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere and doing a quick post on 5 things that are inspiring me right now. I’m still on vacation but will return next week full force. Miss you!

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Guest Post: Coral Cafe

21 Jul

You know when you come across a blog and instantly never want to leave. That is how I felt the first time I stumbled on Drew’s blog Coral Cafe. She has amazing fashion sense and provides really awesome  inspiration. Below, Drew shares her Summer Staples as part of my guest blogging series. I love the bright colors and especially the neon nail polish! Thanks, Drew!


Lots of thanks to Emmy for giving me the opportunity to share my summer staples with you today! What a great idea and how fun to showcase what gets me all giddy in the summertime!
I couldn’t think of just a couple, so I am delighting you with an assortment of my very faves!



I don’t know about you, but I see, taste, wear and admire all of these as I embrace the months of summer:

~Pool Floaties
~Big Sunglasses
~Light and Sweet Perfume
~Head Wraps/Scarves
~Bright Nailpolish
~Cotton Candy
~Frozen Yogurt
~Breezy Tunics
~Straw Bags
~Stack of Summer Readings
~String Lights Galore
~Bold and Colorful Heels/Wedges
~Maxi Skirts/Dresses
~BBQ Grills
~Outdoor Concerts
~Running/Hiking Shoes

So as you can see, a lot comes to mind when I think of summer. And that’s not even the half of it. Lists keep running through my head (the lake, sand, s’mores, rafting, corn on the cob, bike rides, vacations, water parks..etc) I even came up with a Summer Bucket List to make sure I used my time in these sunny months to do the things I love the most! Make this summer one to remember!

 sources* watermelon, BBQ, umbrella, grill, lights, tennis shoes, maxi skirt, headband, sunglasses, frozen yogurt, heels, straw bag, cotton candy, books, perfume, tunic,
nails: pixi purple, butter pink, OPI lime, sephora teal, NARS lavender, DP coral, Destined Magenta, Nail Paint Mint


Thanks again Drew!

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