Perfect Summer Palace

1 Jul

Design New England is one of the shelter publications of the company I work for. It comes out every two months and I look forward to the day when the new copies are distributed throughout the office. The images, architecture, and interior design are always stunning and I lust over most everything. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can read it online here.

The 4th of July weekend starts at 5:00 PM today so naturally I can’t stop thinking about summer. When flipping through the new issue of the magazine I came across the most wonderful house I have ever seen. Normally I am a Nantucket girl but if I could live in this house, I would most surely convert to a Cape lover. The house is on Stage Harbor in Chatham, MA right on the Nantucket Sound. The design of the house is a “v” shape which gives every room an ample view.


I could easily move in and never leave. It’s pretty much how I picture heaven.

(All images via)

P.S. How is it ALREADY July?!?


Things that make me happy today:

1. A three-day weekend

2. Fireworks

3. Days spent on the beach


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