Guest Post: Simply Southern

18 Jul

I’m so excited to introduce all of you to Emily from Simply Southern. I have a not-so-secret love for anything southern so it is no wonder that I am obsessed with her blog. You must head on over and check it out! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Below, Emily shares with us her Summer Staples as part of my guest blogging series. Check it out and Thanks so much Emily!!


Hi Y’all I am Emily from Simply Southern and this is my summer check list!

1. A good maxi skirt and top! I found the perfect one this summer in grey and am always realizing how many of my tops can work with it. It is light and breezy, perfect for the texas heat!

2. Sunglasses that you genuinely think you look cute in! I always find myself only partly liking my sunglasses and it effecting my overall mood of how I look. So find a pair that you love…even if you have to splurge!

3. Comfortable wedges…comfort is key! I found these Jack Roger ones and am in love. They have so much padding and work with just about anything!

4. Summer accessories are also a must. My arms are have more and more on them as the summer goes on It is just so must easier to wear a lot of bracelets in the summer because your arms are free!

5. Last but not least always have water….I know I sound like a mom! But I am working at a summer camp this summer and have learned that most issues in the summer come from dehydration! So drink water!!

I hope that you have your own perfect list of what makes you happy this summer!


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