1 Aug

Two weeks ago my family had a reunion at my lake house on Lake Sunapee. It was amazing and awesome and made me fall even more in love with all of them. My family has grown over the years and it’s all for the better. I don’t mean people have babies (even though that has happened) but we have adopted some distant relatives and made them our “immediate relatives”. Are you following? Any whooo..our family suddenly went from this:

My Aunt and two cousins are missing from this picture.

to this:

Bam. We grew. Now this pictures does include extended family but still you get the idea.

 All us cousins are around the same age and get along really well. I couldn’t have asked for it to work out any better.

My lake house where all the activities occurred

All the little kids were determined to push my brother in the water. Needles to say, he won.

The little ones were in the water from sun up to sun down. I used to be the exact same way!

Me (on the left) and my two cousins.

We rented out a whole restaurant for dinner but quickly all ended up in the bar. For two reasons 1. beer, duh 2. the womens world cup was on so we had to watch. I still can't believe it ended in PK's.

P.S. – Another reason I need to get rid of my 1984 blackberry and upgrade to the iphone..instagram. I need/want/have to have it. It would allow me to document my life sooo much better. Too bad my upgrade is in December…

P.P.S – How is it already August?!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Sharing these pictures with all of you

2. My family

3. Taking chances


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