7 Sep

This past weekend my roommates officially changed. Two moved out and two moved in. We spent a majority of the long weekend moving, rearranging and making multiple runs to the store for things we wanted needed. We made sure to sneak in a few fun activities as well. Two friends came to the city to visit and showing them a great time was a must. We went to the Red Sox game, ventured to a different bar each night and made sure to laugh, a lot.

I love weekends that are jam-packed and full of many different activities, I always think it makes the weekend seem so much longer. Thinking back to this weekend I feel like it was two weeks long when in reality it was only four days. The best part of a Monday holiday? We now have a four day work week. Bonus.


I could spend all day and all of my money in Ikea. It’s a problem. Roomie and I noticed someting funny about the toilet brush sign. Special prize to anyone who notices first!



Red Sox game. It was super hazy, humid and hot but the ice cold beeyahs sure helped to cool us down! Oh yeah..a bird pooped on me. Check that one off the bucket list. Some people say it’s good luck but I think they just say that so human toilets don’t feel as bad.



I have been dying to go to Lolita, a super awesome upscale Mexican (I think?) restaurant. The atmosphere is very dark and romantic, with candles and roses everywhere. It almost has a boudoir feeling. When you first sit down they give you this freezing cold bowl of ice and pour tequilla over it for a very grown up slushy. Then with your bill they give you cotton candy with pop-rocks mixed in. I felt grown up and childish all at the same time. I would highly recommend this place if you are ever in the Boston area.

One last picture I had to share. Our trash from the move-in. Not including trash from the move out. Just a reminder..I only moved across the hall and didn’t have any trash, so all of that comes from two girls. Kinda sick don’t cha think?


Things that make me happy today:

1. Light blue nails

2. Four day work week

3. Rendez-Vous New England!


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