8 Sep

If you have been keeping track of my “things that make me happy today” you might notice a certain device that often pops up, my kindle. I struggled with the thought of purchasing one for so long and couldn’t be happier I finally took the plunge. It is super convenient, perfect size and easy to hold. I usually read in bed and I love being able to hold this little guy as opposed to a big, bulky book. I would encourage anyone who enjoys reading to invest in one of these, I even put it in a plastic bag when I go to the beach to avoid the sand!

Ever since I first bought the kindle I have been searching high and low for the perfect cover. To me, that means something cute, preppy, and colorful. The cases online were all super expensive and so not my taste, I didn’t want to settle so I continued to look. About a month ago I was contacted by the sweetest woman, Andrea, who owns her own etsy shop and makes the most adorable bags, purses, cosmetic bags and to my surprise kindle cases! It was like the kindle cover gods sent her to me, her designs were exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t have designed a more perfect case.


Besides kindle covers, here are some of my favorite pieces off her site:

Talia Evening Bag Clutch – $60

Kate Wedding Bag Flower Clutch – $85

Hobo Tote Bag  – $99

Not only are all of her designs super cute, bright, colorful and fun but they are all super affordable.

For my kindle cover I chose a green and pink pattern with a bright green bow. When it came in the mail I couldn’t believe the quality. It snuggles my kindle perfectly and is cuter than I ever imagined. Most kindle covers I looked at were between $80-$100 but this kindle cover is only $30! You must, must, must check them out! Andrea can also make covers for your Nook, iPad or ereader so no one is left out.

I am obsessed with this pattern!


Look at that bow! How cute! ( I don't remember my nail polish color but I know it was essie)


The bow is attached in the back and loops through the front


There is my kindle getting all snuggly and warm (don't mind the creepy man on the screen saver)


Loves it!


Thanks Andera, I truly love it and it fulfills all my kindle cover needs!

Check out Andrea’s etsy shop featuring custom wedding clutches, handbags and more!


Things that make me happy today:

1. My kindle cover

2. Rainy nights

3. Catching up on the Bachelor Pad – Anyone else watching?!


3 Responses to “amarie”

  1. Kristen September 12, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    That yellow tote is the cutest! I see from your rendezvous bio that you ALSO love Pretty Little Liars – I can’t believe we have to wait for next season!

  2. typefashion September 8, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    The yellow tote is so cute ! love it !



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