Just casually walking a marathon..Jimmy Fund 2011

20 Sep

This past Sunday I walked for the Jimmy Fund with 5 of my besties. It is the same route as the Boston Marathon, the whole 26.2 miles of it. The walk benefits the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and as of yesterday they had already raised over eight million dollars with donations still rolling in until November 1st.


We woke up at 4:45 AM to catch a bus 26.2 miles away in Hopkinton, MA where the walk began. It was only 45 degrees out and since we didn’t want to carry a sweatshirt all day, we froze for the first 2 hours. My fingers became swollen and I couldn’t really feel anything. Once the sun came up it was a perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. The walk took us eight hours and we spent most of it telling stories, laughing and reminiscing about college and funny times.


Mile one!

Half way there…

At about mile 16 (10 miles left) my feet began to hurt VERY bad. The only way I can describe it would be the following; picture the bottom of both of your feet being one huge blister. Then picture the soles of your shoes being made out of sandpaper and thumb tacks. That is how my feet felt for the last ten miles, it was miserable but I am extremely proud of all of us for making it to the end.


Keep on swimming, Keep on swimming..

26.2 miles is just a hop, skip and a jump

We did it!!

The back of our shirts, we received so many compliments on them!

I am so proud of all my friends and everyone else who walked the Jimmy Fund!!

Hopefully I will start to walk normal again soon. I am currently walking like a 90-year-old woman, maybe worse. It took me 10 minutes to walk from the living room to my bedroom last night. Then today I started to walk into work at the same time as an older lady and she beat..by a lot..like could have lapped me.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Band-aids

2. Foot Baths

3. Limping

2 Responses to “Just casually walking a marathon..Jimmy Fund 2011”

  1. lamb September 20, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Ahh, so jealous you walked! My bestie and I were going to sign up and then she ended up going away for the weekend! I definitely want to do it next year. Love the matching tees!

    xo lamb loves

  2. Drew September 20, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    I just love that you did this!! What an achievement!! and for 8 hours!! How great to have spent it with your great friends!!

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