Falling for Autumn: Day 1

3 Oct

I don’t how many of you follow Sorority Girl Problems  (@SororityProblem) on twitter but the tweets are so realistic and hilarious. Today I read the following tweet and instantly felt embarrassed since it is a perfect description for my drink of choice in the past few weeks. (It also inspired me to make every post this week with an “autumn” theme, since it is my favorite time of year.)

So for the first day in my awesome autumn themed week I am going to share with you my favorite drinks to sip on when the leaves begin to change…

Pumpkin Coffee in any and all forms. My top three favorite’s are:

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not the healthiest choice but by far my favorite. Sometimes I will get one as my lunch 🙂

Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee. I prefer a medium, hot, with skim milk with two splendas, please. I get one of these babies everyday on the way to work.

Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice k-cups. That way I will never be without my love for pumpkin coffee.

Pumpkin beer this is a new to me favorite. I had it out a few weeks ago and I fell in love. I tried buying some for the house but it just isn’t the same.

When you order it, they rim the class in brown sugar and cinnamon. It makes your hand a bit sticky but it is oh so good. I think the one I had was Shipyard Pumpkinhead. I’ve also heard there is a drink called a “smashing pumpkin” which is pumpkin beer with a shot of vanilla vodka in it. Haven’t tried it yet but you can be sure it is on my list!

Apple Cider warm or hot. However, please do not drink the one from Dunkin Donuts. If you are from New England or have ever had real apple cider you will realize on the first sip, it is artificial. Bleck.

Well that is it all for now with my fall drinks! Be sure to keep checking back all week for even more fall themed posts!


Things that make me happy today:

1. My happiness from spending a weekend with besties continuing into the week

2. Freshly painted nails

3. Warm cookies


One Response to “Falling for Autumn: Day 1”

  1. frillyfabulous October 3, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Ah! I love anything pumpkin flavored! I start my morning every day with a pumpkin coffee (DD is my fave!). I cannot wait for pumpkin beer this season, I was introduced to it last fall and became obsessed (and I’m not even a beer drinker!). Can’t wait to read more of your autumn themed posts 🙂

    xo, Cassandra

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