Falling for Autumn: Day 4

6 Oct

If there is one thing that is synonymous with fall, it is football. Tailgating, beers and cookouts. Dressing up, school spirit and the feeling of winning. Is there really anything better? Well I guess, yes. The outfits. Whether you are from the south and are able to wear cute dresses or from the north and sport your school’s jersey with a long sleeve t under it..fashion is always a concern.

If you remember my post from a little while ago, I may or may not have discovered the secret to adorable collegiate clothing. Enter School House. If you ever wished for cute and affordable clothing..this is your answer. Not to mention Rachel Weeks, the founder, is super adorable. She saw the need and went for it and I can personally say..I am glad. School House is ever expanding so make sure you take a jump over to their site and order apparel for your school!

The clothing is high quality, unlike anything I have ever seen and amazingly 100% made right here in America.

Super cute. Super comfy. You won’t regret the purchase 🙂

Things that make me happy today:

1. Thursday’s are quickly becoming my favorite day

2. Perfect fall weather

3. Any show on the CW


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