Kick My Booty In Gear

25 Oct

Lately I have been feeling like I need some extra motivation to get my booty to the gym and try and eat healthy. This past weekend was spent with the besties drinking some cocktails at the football game and eating some not-so-figure-friendly food. Good thing god created man and man created Pinterest because let me tell you, it has some fantastic inspiration.

I even bought a new pair of cute sneakers yesterday in order to motivate myself even more. Hey, a girl has to look cute right?


The shoes. Fun fact: every pair of sneakers I have ever owned has been some combination of pink/grey/white. I know what I like.

Reebok – Solarvibe: $79.99 on sale $59.99

Oh hey Jen, Looking good gurl.


And just because I can never take life to seriously..

Those last two kill me..I can’t stop laughing.

Seriously though..still laughing.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Dinner with my momma

2. Funny gym inspiration pictures

3. Free tape at UPS..seems obvious but it’s hard to get!

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