I’m Sorry, Taylor

7 Nov

Many of my friends refer to me as “T-Swift’s PR rep” since I always know fun facts about her, what she is up to, the lyrics to every single song and encourage people on a daily basis to listen to her and only her. I am very optimistic and if believing in fairy tales, princesses and the perfect love story was a religion, I would be a preacher.

With that said, as self proclaimed Taylor Swift’s #1 fan, I am embarrassed. I almost dropped dead on Saturday night when a song I had never heard played on my roomies Ipod. Her and my other roomie were discussing how it was their favorite song by “her”. When I asked who sang the song they both looked at me, dumbfounded. It was the one, the only T-Sizzle.


Now, I don’t know about all of you but I purchase all of my music from Itunes. I don’t even remember the last time I bought an actual CD and I also do not “steal” my music. After some further research, I realized that her latest “speak now” album (which I pre-orderd off Itunes and have since memorized) came with three bonus tracks when purchased at Target and are unavailable for purchase anywhere else.

The Speak Now Target Edition

Thank god for the invention of You Tube. I have been listening to the three tracks all day. In case you were as out of the loop as me, the three bonus tracks are Ours, Superman and If This Was A Movie.

My favorite BY FAR was Ours. Enjoy!



Things that make me happy today:

1. Bad Teacher – So funny

2. Ours

3. Comfy clothes


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