Santa’s Little Helper

21 Nov

Christmas is my favorite season of the year and since the entire advertising world has already been celebrating, I decided to jump on the band wagon. Plus this week is short for me, only two days of work then I’m going home for the holiday, so when I get back from Thanksgiving the apartment will be ready to go.

A quick trip to Tar-jay, Michael’s and Ulta (oops that has nothing to do with Christmas, just buying myself some unnecessary things) made my apartment ready for Santa!

Fake trees in Tar-gay. I would never allow this but they still look pweeettty!

During recruitment in my sorority we all would wrap our doors with fun wrapping paper, our names and pictures of ourselves and keep it up all year…well I guess some times never change..I decided to wrap the apartment door.

More craft projects, I bought plain stockings and puff paint. Instant monogrammed stockings! (I love puff paint)

The finished stockings for me and the roomies!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Finally playing Christmas music, hello J.Simp

2. Peppermint hot cocoa

3. AMA’s



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