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30 Dec

I have only been in the ‘real world’ for a little over a year and because of that my vacation bank is pretty small. This has left me with a lot of down time at work to be creative. I easily get bored and was searching the internet for a new wallpaper for my phone. When I couldn’t find what I had in mind, I decided to make one for myself. I showed a few of my friends and they were all obsessed and requested I make one for them too! Below are just a few of the many designs I made.


If you would like me to make you one please email me with the subject line “wallpaper“, list your color preference, your first, middle, and last initial. I love making other people happy to please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Miss you

29 Dec

I hope all of you are enjoying this week with your friends/family while counting all the things you are thankful for in 2011. I’ll be back next week recapping the craziness that is the holidays but until then…

Merry Christmas

25 Dec


Merry Christmas! I hope you all have an amazing time celebrating this magical holiday season with your loved ones!


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First Annual Stocking Day

23 Dec

Since me and both my roomies had to work today, we decided to create our own holiday to get us through this super long week. Enter, Stocking Day. It is pretty self explainitory, we each bought gifts for the other two with a spending limit of $40. I secretly bought myself the same gifts I bought the roomies thinking I was being sneaky. Well they both had the same least we are all selfish together.

We started off the night at Chipotle, followed by Christmas music and opening of the stockings. It was better than I ever imagined and made me so excited to get home for the Holidays.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..


Stockings stuffed with presents! (I made these stockings, read about it here)


My loot!

1. Three pairs of longs socks. I needed more of these, I like to tuck my skinny jeans into them when I wear riding boots so they don’t bunch

2. A Starbucks gift card

3. A jawbreaker on a stick, not sure how I am going to eat this

4. An awesome new bracelet

5. EOS chapstick

6. Jcrew headband

7. Handcream

8. Bath and Bodyworks Candle.

Close up of the headband. This is one of the gifts I bought, I couldn't resist one for myself!


Close up of the candle..amazing scent. Perfect for the holidays


Overall it was a great success!!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Going home to NH after work

2. Steak tip lunch

3. Flannel shirts


Monogram Iphone 4 case

22 Dec

Ever since getting my iPhone 4, I have been lusting over monogrammed cases. I am a marketers dream in that you can sell me anything, just make it pink and/or monogrammed. There are many sites out there who make these adorbs cases and I think it just may be a Christmas present to myself.

Rosie Posie Designs


Southern Belle Boutique


Abigail Lee Home




Things that make me happy today:

1. Pizza at work – free lunch!

2. 1st Annual Stocking Day tonight!

3. One day left until 5 days off!

Week full of cheer

21 Dec

This week has been full of Holiday cheer and looks something like this:

Monday: Team Christmas party for work

Tuesday: Christmas shopping and present wrapping

Wednesday: Another team Christmas party for work (I’m technically on two teams so you best believe I’ll go to both parties)

Thursday: First annual stocking day (more to come on this)

Friday: Special Christmas lunch with my work besties before heading to NH for the holiday!

Below are some pictures of what I have been up to!

A handmade Christmas card from a bestie who recently moved to NYC

Two of the gifts I bought for my mom. Just trying to win child of the year…nbd…

After the present wrapping craziness. You’d think I have a huge family but really it’s just for my mom, dad and brother

While Christmas shopping last night, me and roomie were hungry. We stopped by the food court to hit up Cheeseboy and stumbled upon this interesting group of people playing apples to apples very enthusiastically. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some apples to apples but in a mall food court? Eh, not so much.

Remember this bag I talked about? Well it came in the mail and it’s huge, amazing and perfect as my new laundry bag.

P.S. When I say huge, I mean it. I’m 90% sure I can fit in the bag. That’s a lot of laundry I can bring home.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Christmas shopping

2. Present wrapping

3. Holiday parties


Mr. Future Husband

20 Dec

As I said here, I recently watched New Years Eve with one of my besites. I was excited to see this movie for many reasons. One, I LOVED valentine’s day and this movie was the same director with a few of the same actors/actresses so I knew it would be great. Two, Zac Eftron. Nuff said. I have been in love with him since the first High School Musical (which isn’t creepy cuz I am one year younger than him and thus was in the same stage in life when the movie came out). Let’s take a moment to bask in the glory that is mr. future husband…

I could go on forever, but I guess I’ll stop. Even though I don’t want to. Wah

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Things that make me happy today:

1. The starbucks ornaments my mom bought for me and the roomies

2. The mass amount of holiday K-cups my mom bought for me and the roomies

3. My Mom

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