Scout by Bungalow

14 Dec

I’ve been searching for a new laundry bag for a while. weird? Probably. My last one was tall and narrow (pink with white polka dots) with two handles. I had ripped off one handle about a year ago and partly ripped off the second one about six months ago. When I was packing my car to go home for Thanksgiving (which is the only place I do my laundry even though I have machines in my apartment) I ripped off the final handle. Being inpatient and annoyed, I threw out the laundry bag, not having a replacement. Stupid. So, I’ve been on the hunt.

I was strongly thinking of an extra large boat tote from L.L. Bean but their fun colors are not available until summer.

Then I stumbled on Scout by Bungalow. I found the perfect bag, it was very large and even had a zipper. Bonus. However I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the $50 plus shipping.


I then stumbled upon their sale section and found this wonder!  A litte different but still involved my favorite colors, pink and green. Being the bargain hunter I am, I googled and found a coupon code for $10 off! So the total before shipped was only $22!



Hopefully it fulfills all of my laundry dreams.



Things that make me happy today:

1. Going to the container store after work

2. Hanging with a bestie tonight

3. New iphone case


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