Jewelry Catch-All

19 Jan

For a little over a year I have been on the search for the perfect catch-all for my jewelry. I have staple pieces of jewelry that I wear everyday. Some of it I take off at night and some I sleep, shower, work out and do everything in.

While I was drawn to ones like this, this or this, I knew I needed to channel my inner adult (pretty hard to do for me) and purchase a mature one. I never knew exactly what I was looking for but recently decided I wanted it to be cream. My dresser is very dark brown so I wanted it to pop and become more of a decoration rather than just a useful tool. I kept finding ones that were either too tall, too large or too small. So yes, I’ve been feeling a little like Goldilocks in this hunt. Who knew a simple thing could take so long to find?

The other day while roaming around Target during my lunch break (oops), I stumbled across exactly what I never knew I was looking for. The size was perfect, the color was perfect and it had that shabby chic feel I love. I’m glad I held out because I’m smitten over my new addition.

The 'before', not that crazy unorganized but enough to annoy me

The new catch-all

Holds all my jewelry perfectly

Cute little bird, tweet tweet!

I love it.


Have you ever held out on something small and silly?


Things that make me happy today:

1. One Tree Hill

2. Scooby snacks..did you know they really made these?

3. Revenge


One Response to “Jewelry Catch-All”

  1. Nicole Rene January 22, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    That is a really cute dish for jewelry!!! & as for Target… I could roam around Target for a long time hahaha… love everything there! Super cute watch by the way!

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