My birthday in pictures

27 Mar

Apparently all I did during my birthday celebration this past weekend was eat.


My bff who lives in NYC sent mini cupcakes to my office. Such a sweet (literally) and unexpected surprise!

These amazing beauties were sent from Baked by Melissa. A perfect non-guilty snack size treat. (I may have eaten five at once, oops)


My co-workers took me out to the new Yard House near Fenway. It was 85 degrees and we chose to sit on the uncovered patio. Let’s just say I now have some funky tan lines (which I love).

Blue Moon and sun. Is there anything better?


My little from my sorority sent me these beautiful flowers. Again, unexpected and so nice of her. Love, love, love her.


My actual birthday, my parents came into the city to take me and a few friends out to dinner. We went to Max Brenners, a restaurant centered around chocolate, need I say more?


The day after my birthday.

Last night one of my roomies surprised me with these belated tasters from the recently opened Crumbs!

Well now that I can actually see how much I ate, I guess I shouldn’t eat again until my next birthday.

I feel so grateful and lucky to have the friends and family that I do. They gave me the best birthday a girl could ask for.

(all images via my instagram. follow me: @emmyrho)


Things that make me happy today:

1. Friends

2. Family

3. Food


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