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Road Trip

31 May

This Sunday, June 3rd, I am leaving bright and early to go on a road trip with my brother. We are both currently in the process of transitioning in life and the timing just seemed perfect.

I know it will be an experience I will always remember and look back on but I can’t help but feel a bit nervous. I’m 24 and my brother is turning 26 while we are on the trip. Being so close in age, as we get older we are becoming better friends so I know we will get along fine but I’m worried about being bored and restless. My extreme ADHD is bound to kick in.

I will be flying back on the 12th from Denver since I have to be back to work but my brother is driving the whole way and will most likely be gone a few weeks longer than me. I know we won’t be fighting or bickering but still, spending 240 hours straight with anyone is bound to build some tension.

Lucky for us, we are going to be spending each night with either a friend or family member so we won’t have to be spending money on hotel rooms which means we can spend more money exploring all the new places.

I hope to take many pictures of our adventures to share with you.

Incase you are wondering where we are going, I made a little map.


Day 1: Home to Washington D.C.

Day 2: Washington D.C. to Columbia, SC

Day 3: Columbia, SC to Hilton Head, SC

Day 4: Hilton Head, SC to Memphis, TN

Day 5: Memphis, TN

Day 6: Memphis, TN to the University of Kansas

Day 7: University of Kansas to Denver, CO

Day 8: Denver, CO to the Grand Canyon

Day 9: Grand Canyon

Day 10: Grand Canyon to Denver, CO (I fly home)


Phew, that is tiring just looking at.

Lucky for me, my brother told me I can choose the music for one hour a day. Wait, what?

Ugh, older brothers.

The posts are bound to be light for the next few weeks as I will be venturing across the country.

Wish me luck 🙂

Wordless Wednesday: Word Edition

30 May

I guess this is not really “wordless Wednesday” but I had some things to share.

As I’m sure you noticed I have been MIA recently. This is due to the fact that my personal, work and social life has been extremely busy. I feel like the energizer bunny and I can barely find a moment to sleep, let alone blog.

It makes me sad that I haven’t been as consistent as I would like but I know in the end all the hard work I have been doing will pay off.

Right now the quote below has been inspiring me. I listen to the song about 197483972342 times a day.



Dear Country music, you make everything better.


And here is the song:



Things that make me happy today:

1. Looking to the future

2. 3 more days of work then ten days off (more on this tomorrow)

3. Unexpected visitors

My Girl

22 May

Is anyone surprised that this happened?

Because I am not.

(Don’t mind the awkward red box over the video)

That is all.


Things that make me happy today:

1. The 3 day weekend coming up

2. Being productive

3. Sugar Cookie Yankee Candle

Chambray Season

18 May

It’s no secret that one of this season’s hottest trends is chambray. I have to admit, a year ago one of my roomies bought a chambray a shirt and I was not a fan. So call me a hypocrite but now I am a huge fan. I only have one piece, a shirt from Madewell, but  I have found endless ways to style it.

This outfit is very typical for what I wear to work each day. I have this J. Crew skirt in a multitude of different colors and absolute love it. Throw in a little leopard print for some unexpected whimsy and you are good to go.


chambray season

Madewell Chambray Shirt / J. Crew Pencil Skirt / Madewell Flats

Claire Vivier Clutch (similar here) / A cheap $21,380 peal necklace

Linking up with {av} for some Friday’s Fancy.



Things that make me happy today:

1. The sangria I made last night should be ready for an after work cocktail

2. Six Flags this weekend with some besites

3. A relaxing weekend with little plans

A Wearable Room: Emily Henderson

16 May

When I first saw this room I knew I needed to use it as inspiration to style an outfit.

This color blasted living room was designed by the über talented Emily Henderson who not only has an ever inspiring blog but also a show on hgtv, Secrets From a Stylist. Hello, dream job.

I have to admit, if I could only choose one channel to watch for the remainder of my life, it would hands down by HGTV.

Pants / Shoes / Blazer / Blouse / Clutch

Things that make me happy today:

1. Night rain, perfect for sleeping

2. Working out

3. 100 calorie Klondike bars

Busy Bee

15 May

Lately I have been a busy, busy girl.

Between work, mini vacations, social plans, working out and keeping up with my DVR, I have barely found time to blog.

Even though I have been sparse on my blog posting, I have 100% been able to keep up with my blog reading (that is one perk to being caged working in a cubical all day) and love following along with all of you on your blogs!

I promise to try to be better but you see, I have also been busy planning.

Planning big things.

Soon enough I will share my plans but for right now here are some inspirational quotes that have been helping me along the way.

Sigh. Sometimes life is confusing.


Things that make me happy today:

1. The last 60 seconds of the Gossip Girl season finale. The rest was WHACK.

2. Figuring things out

3. Faith


10 May

A little black dress is a timeless classic. They always make the list for “ten pieces you must own” and it’s no secret they should be a staple in every girl’s closet.

Black is my favorite color to wear so personally I can not get enough of the LBD.

This mini dress from Candela is fun, flirty the layered texture makes my heart flutter.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Today is my Friday. Hello 4 day work week

2. Charity event with my work bffs tonight

3. Going home this weekend for Mother’s Day

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