I’m Back!

14 Jun

I’m back from my road trip but have yet to upload any of my pictures to my computer so a recap will have to come later. I can let you know that it might be the best thing I have done to date. I highly suggest everyone go on a long road trip and see our country. I’ve always known our country was diverse in different areas but actually seeing how different each state is first hand is really amazing. I’ve been asked multiple times which state was my favorite or what would I love to see more of and honestly I don’t think I can choose a favorite place and if I had to choose where to go back, I would choose to visit all the states I didn’t get to.

I’m sure I can remember a time when I have been as busy as I am now. Between work, evening plans and packed full weekends, I barely have time to open my computer which is why I have been such a bad blogger as of late and things don’t seem to letting up anytime soon.

Today I am leaving work early to be filmed for a commercial for an event my company is hosting this fall. If you live in New England and watch NESN this summer you will be one of the lucky ones to see my television debut.


Then this weekend I am going to the Rascal Flatts with some of my best friends.


County Music


 Day drinking

Is there anything better? Pretty sure the answer is no.


(image 1, 2)

Do you have any plans this weekend?



Things that make me happy today:

1. 4 hours of work

2. Tapas after work with besties

3. Finally being home


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