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First on my Post-It

11 May

Last week I started a new series called, First on my Post-It. It is where I am going to share with you the number one item I am lusting over. While I haven’t yet check off last week’s item, I thought I would continue down my virtual pink Post-It and share more off my list.

Max and Chloe. If this name means nothing to you, you are in for an exciting treat. For those of you already familiar with the brand I am sure you can understand why this is at the top of my Post-It. The said item is the West Avenue monogrammed Necklace, size medium. It’s gold, it’s monogrammed, classic, and utterly beautiful. How could you not want it?

In gold, $465

In gold fill, $165

All of their jewelry is beautiful but this is the piece I want the most. The piece I am saving my pennies in order to own. It has been seen in many national magazines as well as on many of my personal style blog icons, such as Atlantic-Pacific. Take a look around their website and you are sure to fall in love too.

Things that make me happy today:

1. Monograms

2. Walking on the beach

3. Family dinners with the roomies

First on my Post-It

4 May

Last May I received a Macbook Pro 15″ for graduation and to this day it is my favorite gift ever. Switching from a PC to a Mac was seamless for me and I would never go back. One of my favorite aspects is the Dashboard and more specifically, the post-it note. On this cute virtual pink post-it I keep a running list of everything I desire. From purses to shoes to dresses. It keeps my eye on the prize. I thought it might be nice to start sharing what is “First on my Post-it” aka the current item I feel I just need and can’t live without.

Whenever I am lusting over something it always remind of the scene in Napoleon Dynamite when Uncle Rico tells the couple he will throw in a free gift (a replica of a large sail boat) and the woman says “I want that”. A simple memory but one that constantly replays in my mind. Recently that voice has been replaying in my head every time I see a Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote. At first I just liked the bag but the more I see it the more I find myself saying “I want that”.

The bag comes in many different colors and textures and I can picture each one working for a different occasion. Maybe I am just trying to talk myself into it but the more I think about it the more I think it is a necessity.

My number one instinct choice: Mid City Tote in Rose Nubuck (pictured above)

My number one practical choice: Mid City Tote in Tawny (pictured first)

Things that make me happy today:

1. The color pink

2. Sunny days

3. Soft serve ice cream

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