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30 Apr

I’m still in Nashville but I wrote this post on Friday. I wish I could give you an update on what I’m doing but alas I am not a psychic. However, I can tell you what I was planning on doing.



You see, my friends are all leaving well before my plane takes off.  I don’t have to leave the hotel until around 2PM which means I will conveniently have  all morning and a good portion of the afternoon to relax.

In the sun.

 By the pool.

Pure bliss.

Let’s all cross our fingers this is what I am actually doing.



Things that make me happy today:

1. Mini vacations

2. Seeing old friends

3. Warmth

Where was I?

27 Apr

You may be wondering where I have been. Or not. Either way I’ve been very sick the past few days and could not muster the energy to even look at my computer, let alone get down to blogging.

But I’m back and full of antibiotics.

Thankfully I am feeling better becuase this weekend I am headed on a mini vacation to Nashville and I could not be more excited.

Except for the fact that I have to leave my apartment at 4:30 AM since I have a 6 AM flight. Woof.

I’ve never been and I don’t really know what to except. Any suggestions on where I should go?

Also I’m hoping to stalk run into this old friend of mine:

I think we might meet for coffee on Monday morning. I have a few song ideas to run past her.

(Images 1, 2)


Things that make me happy today:

1. Feeling better

2. Friends

3. My mom

My birthday in pictures

27 Mar

Apparently all I did during my birthday celebration this past weekend was eat.


My bff who lives in NYC sent mini cupcakes to my office. Such a sweet (literally) and unexpected surprise!

These amazing beauties were sent from Baked by Melissa. A perfect non-guilty snack size treat. (I may have eaten five at once, oops)


My co-workers took me out to the new Yard House near Fenway. It was 85 degrees and we chose to sit on the uncovered patio. Let’s just say I now have some funky tan lines (which I love).

Blue Moon and sun. Is there anything better?


My little from my sorority sent me these beautiful flowers. Again, unexpected and so nice of her. Love, love, love her.


My actual birthday, my parents came into the city to take me and a few friends out to dinner. We went to Max Brenners, a restaurant centered around chocolate, need I say more?


The day after my birthday.

Last night one of my roomies surprised me with these belated tasters from the recently opened Crumbs!

Well now that I can actually see how much I ate, I guess I shouldn’t eat again until my next birthday.

I feel so grateful and lucky to have the friends and family that I do. They gave me the best birthday a girl could ask for.

(all images via my instagram. follow me: @emmyrho)


Things that make me happy today:

1. Friends

2. Family

3. Food

I love, love

14 Feb

Someone once told me “I love, love” and the quote has always stuck with me. Celebrating love to me doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic thing, it is just about being thankful for all the people in your life who you love. That’s not to say sharing this romantic day with a special someone wouldn’t be amazing but Zac Efron was busy today so maybe next year…

Tonight me and the roomies are going on a date. Dinner, The Vow and exchanging small gifts? Yup, the day couldn’t get much better.

So whatever it is you are doing today, do it with a heart full of love.

(images via 1, 2, 3, 4)


Things that make me happy today:

1. Love

2. Channing

3. Romantic Movies

First Annual Stocking Day

23 Dec

Since me and both my roomies had to work today, we decided to create our own holiday to get us through this super long week. Enter, Stocking Day. It is pretty self explainitory, we each bought gifts for the other two with a spending limit of $40. I secretly bought myself the same gifts I bought the roomies thinking I was being sneaky. Well they both had the same least we are all selfish together.

We started off the night at Chipotle, followed by Christmas music and opening of the stockings. It was better than I ever imagined and made me so excited to get home for the Holidays.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..


Stockings stuffed with presents! (I made these stockings, read about it here)


My loot!

1. Three pairs of longs socks. I needed more of these, I like to tuck my skinny jeans into them when I wear riding boots so they don’t bunch

2. A Starbucks gift card

3. A jawbreaker on a stick, not sure how I am going to eat this

4. An awesome new bracelet

5. EOS chapstick

6. Jcrew headband

7. Handcream

8. Bath and Bodyworks Candle.

Close up of the headband. This is one of the gifts I bought, I couldn't resist one for myself!


Close up of the candle..amazing scent. Perfect for the holidays


Overall it was a great success!!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Going home to NH after work

2. Steak tip lunch

3. Flannel shirts


Fire drills and half marathons

17 Oct

This past weekend was jam-packed full of activities. Friday night I went to the movies with a bestie and saw Footloose. In the middle of the movie the fire alarm went off and we all had to evacuate. I had a minor panic attack in the HUGE theater and may or may not have jumped into the Lux Level and ran out through their emergency exit. Sorry I’m not sorry I wanted to survive. Anywho…the hot firefighters came and called it all clear and we were able to go back in to finish movie AND they gave us a free ticket to come back another day! Bonus.

There come the heros!

On Saturday morning bestie and I woke up early and headed to Newport, RI. One of our other besties lives there and she was nice enough to let 5 of us stay at her house. Three of our friends ran the half marathon on Sunday morning in Newport. It was so beautiful and the perfect day for a run. One besite and I watched all the rest cross the finish line and it made me wish I had participated. Maybe next year!

Newport, RI. So pretty.


Me and bestie by the windy

All of us after the race. Congrats girls..13.2 is incredible!

Things that make me happy today:

1. Movies

2. Grocery shopping

3. Iphone iOS5 update..even though it took forever

Just casually walking a marathon..Jimmy Fund 2011

20 Sep

This past Sunday I walked for the Jimmy Fund with 5 of my besties. It is the same route as the Boston Marathon, the whole 26.2 miles of it. The walk benefits the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and as of yesterday they had already raised over eight million dollars with donations still rolling in until November 1st.


We woke up at 4:45 AM to catch a bus 26.2 miles away in Hopkinton, MA where the walk began. It was only 45 degrees out and since we didn’t want to carry a sweatshirt all day, we froze for the first 2 hours. My fingers became swollen and I couldn’t really feel anything. Once the sun came up it was a perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. The walk took us eight hours and we spent most of it telling stories, laughing and reminiscing about college and funny times.


Mile one!

Half way there…

At about mile 16 (10 miles left) my feet began to hurt VERY bad. The only way I can describe it would be the following; picture the bottom of both of your feet being one huge blister. Then picture the soles of your shoes being made out of sandpaper and thumb tacks. That is how my feet felt for the last ten miles, it was miserable but I am extremely proud of all of us for making it to the end.


Keep on swimming, Keep on swimming..

26.2 miles is just a hop, skip and a jump

We did it!!

The back of our shirts, we received so many compliments on them!

I am so proud of all my friends and everyone else who walked the Jimmy Fund!!

Hopefully I will start to walk normal again soon. I am currently walking like a 90-year-old woman, maybe worse. It took me 10 minutes to walk from the living room to my bedroom last night. Then today I started to walk into work at the same time as an older lady and she a could have lapped me.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Band-aids

2. Foot Baths

3. Limping

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