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What I Wore

9 Jun

I don’t usually follow sports unless I am attending a game or a New England team is in the playoffs. (Typical Girl). The Bruins have made it to the Stanley Cup and Boston could not be more excited. Last night was game 4 and a bunch of friends came over to watch the game. My older brother played hockey throughout his whole life and was on a traveling team so by default I know all rules, regulations, and information about hockey. I spent most of my child hood in a rink/hotel/car all associated with my brother’s team and because of this I actually enjoyed watching the game. We had a few beers, some appetizers, and laughed a lot. Overall it was a great way to spend hump day and now we are one day closer to the weekend!



Bruins by sprinklesoneverything featuring platform sandals

Confession: I don’t actually own those Prada Platforms but I would sell my soul to get them.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Getting my haircut, so dead.

2. The Bruins!

3. A room full of friends

What I Wore

19 May

With all the gloomy weather we have been having it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, let alone get dressed. Yesterday I decided to fight the weather and wear white jeans, Jack Rogers, a neon silk shirt, and a light pink Jackie Cardigan. Today I decided to embrace the weather and wear something dark, grey, and comfortable.


What I Wore: Black and Grey


While these are not the exact pieces I wore (Polyvore didn’t have the exact items) it is pretty much identical. This past weekend I finally picked up the maxi skirt I have been wanting from Express. I can see this skirt being paired with many pieces from my closet but wanted to have the skirt be the main focus the first time I wore it. Paired with simple black and gold (light on accessories) it made the grey skirt the statement.  Here are all the items I wore:

1. Maxi Skirt – Express

2. Scoop neck black tee – American Apparel

3. Elastic band belt – Unknown

4. Watch – Michael Kors

5. Gold Bangles – Forever21

6. Pearl Earings – Ross Simon

7. Black Espadrilles – Franco Sarto


Things that make me happy today:

1. Countdown to seeing the besites – 2 days!

2. Being rewarded for for being a gold member

3. Pasta

What I Wore

21 Apr

Wednesday 4-20-11

I am waiting patiently for spring to be here. I am ready to pull out all my bright, flowerly, summer clothing and put away all my dark, dreary, winter clothing. Then we get days like today. It’s rainy and cold and my hair is not listening to me. I want to wear leggings and a huge sweatshirt and cuddle up on the coach with Starbucks and browse though the DVR. Instead I have work. I find it difficult to get dressed on these days. I can’t wear anything too summery or wintery (made up words? yes) and I also have to be prepared for the extra cold office since the A/C is on.

1. Pleasure Doing Business 5 Band Black Skirt. Singer22

2. Leopard Print Blouse. Old Navy

3. Black Crochet Vest. Old Navy

4. Opaque Black Hue Tights. Saks

5. Black Patent Leather Flats. Tory Burch

Things that make me happy today:

1. Exactly one week until I will be on a plane to St. John. Much needed vacation.

2. Finding a parking spot where I never thought I would

3. The future

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