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Catbird NYC

20 Oct

While reading my daily blogs today, I came across something fabulous, Catbird NYC. I was referred to the site from the ever stylish Ashley and knew immeditaly I was in for some trouble. Since first laying eyes on the site, my Christmas list (yes you read that correctly) has already doubled.

The main reason I was initally attracted was becasue of their alphabet rings. I was been on the lookout for y-e-a-r-s for a simple, thin, gold ring. I always imagined it would be plain with nothing on it but when I saw these my mind was instantly changed. The letter ‘e’ ring and the ‘heart’ ring have shot to the top of my wish list. I would pair them together on the same finger.


Seriously? Perfection.

If any of you lovely readers whom I love so much have a werid/strange/odd feeling that you want to buy me one…email me and I’ll gladly send you my address 🙂

Here are a few other items I am lusting over from Catbird NYC

Arrow Cuff

Blanca Monros Gomez

Elisa Solomon – Love Necklace


Oh geez…I’m in trouble.


Things that make me happy today:

1. Week’s flying by

2. Old roomie dinners

3. Hand lotion

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