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Early Mornings and Paleo

12 Jul

I’ve been so busy lately.

I always find my self on the go in the summer with endless weekend, nightly and work plans. While I love when my calendar is full, it leaves little time for blogging which isn’t ideal. Today I woke up 45 minutes early to get in a little blog time before heading off to work.

Sitting here watching the Today Show, drinking my coffee and eating scrambled eggs is pretty blissful.

This might have to become a daily occurrence.

Now, onto the point of today’s post, The Paleo diet.

I have struggled with stomach issues for most of life, seen countless doctors and tried several different eating regimes. I have found the most effective in keeping me happy and healthy is eliminating gluten from my diet and have since been diagnosed as “gluten intolerant”. Before this happened the doctor’s thought I was intolerant of any food high in fat, such as dairy. Even though the elimination of gluten makes me feel better, I still have yet to feel 100%.

I recently heard about the Paleo diet (read more here and here) which essentially is the “caveman” diet. If the cavemen couldn’t find it, harvest it, or eat it then neither do you while on this lifestyle. That means no sugar, processed food, grains or dairy. I have only been doing this for a few days now but I already feel so much better. It’s also allowed me to stray from my normal “go-to” meals and try all new recipes and combinations.

The biggest difference is my breakfast. I have always had a typical breakfast such as yogurt, cereal, toast etc. but on the Paleo diet, I have been eating eggs. If you ask any of my friends/family about my relationship with eggs they would tell you it is 100% nonexistent. I have never liked eggs, never eaten eggs and been adverse to them for 24 whole years of life. Now, I have been eating a scramble with eggs, broccoli, salsa and hot sauce and it is good!

I can’t wait to find even more new-to-me foods though this new lifestyle.

Have any of you tried it? Heard of it?


Things that make me happy today:

1. Much needed haircut after work

2. Tapas with besties tonight

3. Early mornings

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