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First Annual Stocking Day

23 Dec

Since me and both my roomies had to work today, we decided to create our own holiday to get us through this super long week. Enter, Stocking Day. It is pretty self explainitory, we each bought gifts for the other two with a spending limit of $40. I secretly bought myself the same gifts I bought the roomies thinking I was being sneaky. Well they both had the same idea..at least we are all selfish together.

We started off the night at Chipotle, followed by Christmas music and opening of the stockings. It was better than I ever imagined and made me so excited to get home for the Holidays.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..


Stockings stuffed with presents! (I made these stockings, read about it here)


My loot!

1. Three pairs of longs socks. I needed more of these, I like to tuck my skinny jeans into them when I wear riding boots so they don’t bunch

2. A Starbucks gift card

3. A jawbreaker on a stick, not sure how I am going to eat this

4. An awesome new bracelet

5. EOS chapstick

6. Jcrew headband

7. Handcream

8. Bath and Bodyworks Candle.

Close up of the headband. This is one of the gifts I bought, I couldn't resist one for myself!


Close up of the candle..amazing scent. Perfect for the holidays


Overall it was a great success!!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Going home to NH after work

2. Steak tip lunch

3. Flannel shirts


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