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Marley Lilly

27 Jun

You know that feeling when you discover something and you kind of stop breathing? Well that is how I feel about Marley Lilly. I want everything on their site. Anything you may need you can find here. The best part is EVERYTHING is monogrammed! We all know my intense love for all things monogrammed, mentioned here, here, and here (and many other posts!). This site is perfect to buy thoughtful gifts for birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. I love to gift and always try to put a lot of thought into it, adding a monogrammed piece shows that you were really thinking of your friend/sister/aunt and didn’t just run down to the local Paper Store to pick something up. While I could show you the entire website, I narrowed down my top favorite picks:

6 Pack Tube Cooler – $29.99. I have never seen anything like this so right there it earns a huge point for awesomeness. Then it gets better when you monogram it and then better yet again when you fill it with 6 Bud Lights and head to the beach. Thank you Marley Lilly for revolutionizing my life.


Monogrammed Market Basket – $24.99. This would be perfect to use as a gift basket! You could fill it with the birthday girls favorite goodies and bonus, she can use it shop after the party.


Monogrammed Cutting Board – $49.00. This is the perfect house-warming gift. It is functional as well as pretty enough to leave on the counter as decoration!


Monogrammed Terrycloth Cover Up – $39.99. I plan things way to far in advance (type A to the max) and already know this will be one of the gifts for my bridesmaids. Perfect for when they are getting their hair and make-up done before the big day and super function for every day use afterwards!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Unexpected emails

2. Being efficient

3. A new package of Post-It’s

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