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A Wearable Room: Mad Men

3 Apr

I have a confession..I have only seen one episode of this nationally epic show.

It was the first episode of this season, Zou Bisou Bisou anyone? I know if I had the time to catch up the series I would be obsessed. But alas, I just don’t have the time to watch five seasons.

When I first saw this room I instantly knew I wanted to ‘wear’ it. First of all it’s pink and green (duh) and secondly the 60’s vibe had me hooked.

The chairs and chandelier just scream 60’s to me and I can easily picture Don Draper sitting at that table.


Jeans: Juicy Couture / Flats: Rebecca Minkoff / Blouse: Anna Sui / Earrings: Kate Spade


Things that make me happy today:

1. Link Ninja

2. Lunch Date

3. Sunshine

Triple Threat

18 Nov

Lately all I have wanted to do is be cozy. Sit by a fire with a special boy in a comfy outfit, sip hot cocoa spiked with baileys and just snuggle. Too bad said boy does not currently exist. Oh well, at least I will have my outfit ready when he comes.

Yesterday was an exciting day for my bloggie friend {av}, it was her ONE year anniversary! Congrats again girl, you’re blog is ahhhmazing. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go now, and be sure to link up next week for Friday’s Fancies!

Hat- Gap $19.95 / Booties – T&C Footwear $74.99

Leather Leggings – Work Custom Jeans $440 / Faux Fur Vest – Juicy Couture $278

Things that make me happy today:

1. Only two days of work next week, then home for turkey day!

2. My hair was finally did last night, phew.

3. It’s Friday, Friday, Friday

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

13 Apr

For my job I have to always keep an eye on upcoming fashion trends. When Pantone released their fall 2011 colors, I fell in love. The colors are warm and inviting while also somehow being cool and calm. I thought it would be fun to make an inspiration board with the fall 2011 colors as the focus. Enjoy!

  1. Madeline Chair – $349.00 – Urban Outfittters
  2. Totally Turnover Shifty Duffel Bag – $478.00 – Marc by Marc Jacobs
  3. Hunter Original Wellington – $125.00 – Hunter Boots
  4. Wanderlust Beaded Ring – $88.00 – Juicy Couture
  5. Matine Toile Duvet Cover & Sham – $39.00-169.00 – Pottery Barn
  6. Boat Neck Mini Dress – $182.00 – Susan Monaco
  7. Hand Knotted Tassel Scarf – $88.00 – Love Quotes
  8. Jaclyn Wedge – $268.00 – Pour La Victoire
  9. Button Down Long Skirt – $375.00 – Porter Grey
  10. Breathe Life – $8.50 – OPI


Things that make me happy today:

1. Exciting meetings after work

2. New nail polish

3. Today is the 13th. my FAVORITE number.

April Showers

4 Apr

I can’t believe it is already April. This month always gets me excited for spring because it ultimately leads to summer. Here in New England it is also one of the wettest months of the year, sometimes even know as “mud season”. With these 50 degree days we have been having I am tempted to pull out my Rainbows and stuff my winter coat in the back of the closet. However, I know that would be a little ambitious. April brings some very bi-polar weather so you have to prepared for anything. Knowing this, I decided to pull together a rainy day outfit with the help of my friends Polyvore. Enjoy.

Ring: Juicy Couture – I love this ring. Every time you look at your hand you will be reminded of the signs of spring.

Earings: Kate Spade – I recently treated myself to these little beauties and have been wearing them everyday.

Dress: D&G – How can you not instantly get excited for warm weather and garden parties when looking at this fun and bright fabric?

Necklace: Dogeared – I love this company. Their jewelry is so delicate and practical to wear everyday.

Umbrella: Topshop – The yellow of this umbrella will allow you to feel sunny even when the rain in pouring down.

Rainboots: Hunter – These boots are perfection. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Jacket: Old Navy –  I love the army green color of the trench. It balances out all the girlie aspects to this outfit perfectly.

Things that make me happy today:



1. 50 degree weather (you know you’re from New England when..)

2. A new pink and green toile trash can for my room (to match my pink and green Lilly bedding)

3. Daily Contacts (I started wearing them about a month ago and will never go back)

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