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Get me through the day

31 Aug

I’ve been a busy, busy bee this week. Getting to work early, barely sneaking out at 5 PM, not taking lunch, sometimes forgetting to breath and trying to remain calm. The biannual style magazine I work for is deadlining and things are very crazy around here. On top of all of that I am moving into my new room and have been packing, rearranging and cleaning every night. I can’t wait until 5 PM on Thursday so I can finally relax and enjoy the 4 day weekend coming up. Fingers crossed the book has been put to bed and my new room is fully arranged and ready to be lived in. Until then here are some pictures that are getting me through this hectic week.


The most Perfect hammock


My Ideal Fall outfit


Jokes over. Need to get back to the gym. Motivation


Lateran festival in China. Add that to the bucket list. Did anyone see this on Ashley’s season of the bachelorette? So romantic.


And well, why not? Who can argue this picture doesn’t brighten your day.


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Things that make me happy today:

1. Hump day

2. Thursday is my Friday

3. New Beginnings

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