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Time Out

10 Jan

In the most recent issue of Matchbook Magazine, there was a fascinating article about Ashley Longshore. An artist from Alabama with a funky style who has caught the eye of some major celebs such as Blake Lively and Salma Hayek. I would believe their opinion, as they are two of the words most beautiful women so I’m sure they have an eye for amazing artwork.

However, I thought the biggest take away from the article was about Ashley’s theory on the “time-out” chair. In her mind it isn’t a punishment, it’s an escape. An opportunity to relax, think and drink a glass of wine be fabulous. I love this idea and I now need a lust worthy chair to take a ‘time-out’ in.

Check out the article here, written by the ├╝ber talented Mackenzie Horan.

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Things that make me happy today:

1. Very full moons – did anyone see it last night?!

2. PLL. Who is A?!

3. Chocolate Silk

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