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Pretty Pastels

13 Apr

This spring’s weather has been very odd. One second it feels like summer, then winter, and finally spring again.

I have to make sure to watch the weather each morning so I know how to properly dress. Do I need a coat? Tights? Boots or flats?

One way to be sure I am dressing appropriately for spring is by incorporating pastels. I always make sure to pair them with some neutral to balance out the color scheme.

Linking up with {av} today to share my pastel dreams.

pretty pastels

Shoes / Top / Jeans / Purse


Things that make me happy today:

1. Pastel nails

2. It’s the 13th – favorite number

3. It’s Friday

Falling for Autumn: Day 5

7 Oct

It’s that time again..Friday’s Fancies! This week’s theme just happens to be one of my most favorite pieces for fall..blazers! They are perfect for transitioning into cooler weather. You can wear them over summer dresses to prolong their wear-ability into fall, pair them with jeans and a tank or even go for a classic suit. Personally I prefer the boyfriend style but with all the different styles you are sure to find something to fit your style.



1. Helmut Land – $645

2. Miu Miu Peep Toe Platform – $670

3. Chloe Silk Pussy Bow Blouse – $700

4. All Saints Paloma Skirt – $270


Things that make me happy today:

1. Three day weekend

2. Going home to NH

3. Seeing my grandparents

A Weekend Full of New and Old Friends

9 Sep

I am so excited for this weekend. For starters, it is Rendez-Vous New England! I never actually thought this day would come..but it is here and I can’t wait to finally meet all my lovely blogger friends in person! My old roommate is also having a housewarming party at her new rooftop patio and I can’t wait to see her new space and hang out with some besties. I know, as always, it is going to go by way too fast and next week will be here before I know it.

For this weeks Friday’s Fancies I decided to go with a perfect “party outfit” for fall. One that allows you to feel the warm evening breeze while still looking chic and polished. I would image wearing this outfit to either the house warming party this weekend or the evening spent with the Rendez-Vous attendees.


A perfect fall weekend

1. Dress – Miu Miu $1,675

2. Sandals – Miu Miu $595

3. Purse – Vintage Chanel $2,843

4. Earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane $53


Things that make me happy today:

1. Rendez-Vous New England tomorrow!


3. Pumpkin Coffee

Spend or Save – Rediculous Things I Want

23 Aug

Since the first Spend or Save post had such positive reactions, I decided to make it a regular series, so bloggie friends, spend or save is back. This time I decided to focus on two items, a pair of Miu Miu shoes I can’t stop daydreaming about and a classic nautical style Burberry shirt, both far away from anything I can afford. While I still love the more expensive options the ‘save’ are pretty lust-worthy.

Miu Miu Two-tone Suede Sandals

Burberry Striped Wool Sweater

KensieGirl Sandal

Saint James Top

Do you have a Spend or Save item/topic you would like me to focus on for next week? Leave a comment or send and email with your suggestions!


Things that make me happy today:

1. Freshly painted nails

2. The Bachelor Pad

3. Kardashian Wedding

Tax Free

26 Jul

Almost every year in August Massachusetts has a Tax-Free weekend. It is a crazy insane shopping weekend where everything under $2,500 is sans tax. TV”s, furniture, and appliances top the list of purchases which doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Right now if I want something that is a tad expensive I usually order it online and have it shipped to my parent’s house in New Hampshire which is always a tax-free state.

 As a project for work I am compiling a list of companies where the 18-30 year old’s may choose to spend their money. So I’m asking for help from you, my readers, if you were given a debit card with $2,500 dollars on it what store would you rush to first?

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Bag – $528

 Buy it here.


Ipad 2. In pink, of course $499

 Buy it here.


Adam – Broomstick Crinkle Mini skirt $300

 Neon? Flowy? Okay. Buy it here.


The Monogrammed necklace that is STILL on my post-it $160

Buy it here.


Miu Miu Sandals $518

Buy them here.

That comes to a whopping total of $2,005 so I guess I could always throw in some staple items that aren’t always as much fun. Remember people this is what I would buy with my imaginary debit card prefilled with $2,500. What would you buy?
Things that make me happy today:
1. Being back in my apartment. It’s weird how it suddenly feels more like home than my parent’s house.
2. Seeing my roomies dog. I missed both of them so much.
3. The TV in my room far outweighs the TV in my room at my parents house.
P.S. I’m a little creeped out that I am now using the phrase “parent’s house”. I like “home town house” better.

Day Dreaming

10 Jun

Sometimes I day-dream about all the things I would buy if I didn’t have to pay rent. My disposable income would skyrocket and my shopping problem would get worse. Though I rarely wear sky-high heels, I love to look at them. I have a few pairs in my closet that I have worn once or twice but ultimately just stare at. Fashion is seriously my outlet for self-expression and the form of “art” which I collect. In my day dreams I picture a wall of shelves displaying all the beautiful shoes I love, ever-changing with my current style. Maybe one day it will be a reality but today it is still a day-dream.

Miu Miu


Christian Louboutin




Miu Miu


Brian Atwood


Jimmy Choo

Apparently I like suede, huh? What do you day-dream about?


Things that make me happy today:

1. TGIF, naturally.

2. Seeing the bestie this weekend

3. Sunny days

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