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Snow Angels

9 Feb

You would think with the obscene amounts of snow blanketing the North East right now, I would be sick of snow. When it comes to snow shrinking the already skinny streets of the city and making them impossible to drive on and thus forcing me to add thirty minutes to my commute to ride public transportation, I am eager to book the next one-way flight to California and never look back. However, when it comes to my friends ski house and seeing all my besties from college, I’m super enthusiastic. (It’s anecdote time.) Ever since I turned thirteen, I have lied about my age. Always looking for ways to avoid maturity and growing up. I pledged my sorority when I was sophomore and half my pledge class was freshmen. Those are the people who became my best friends. This ended up making graduating, which is already traumatizing for someone who doesn’t believe is growing up, even harder. I was leaving behind most of best friends and venturing out into the scary “real world” all alone. I have now come to terms with the fact that they still get to live a care free lifestyle while I work 40 long hours a week. (Okay, anecdote over) This weekend I get to escape my reality. I will be building snow men, skiing, drinking hot chocolate by the fire (spiked with baileys), and making snow angels.

While beginning to pack for my fun filled weekend ahead, I made sure not to forget a few of my cold weather essentials. Growing up in New England you learn how to survive in the cold. Check out my mini cold weather survival guide below…

Redkin Outshine. Obsessed. I have used this for years to eliminate static in my hair during winter months. Static is not what it this product is marketed for but my hairdresser let me in on this secret. Put a small dot in your palm and rub through your hair. Poof. Static gone.

This isn’t just a necessity for winter, LypSyl is one of my necessities for life. At any given time I have about ten of them. In every bag, every coat, my desk, my car, etc. I’m addicted.

After going through an average of three rain boots each winter, I finally sprung for Hunter Boots. They are 100% worth the price. Bonus: you can get fleece inserts for the colder months!


With that sun glaring off the snow you are guaranteed to need sunglasses. You can never go wrong with classic Ray-Bans.



Things that make me happy today:

  1. Friends inviting me to their ski house
  2. Homemade Valentine’s Day baked goodies (I will be making some to bring this weekend)
  3. The iphone 4 on Verizon, should I upgrade to it?
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