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Brrrr…It’s Cold In Here

5 Mar

Both my roommates have left me for warmer weather, one in Brazil and one in Marco Island. I too am going on a family vacation but not for almost two whole months! Blah. Watching them shop, pack, and get excited for their trip, I couldn’t help but think about my future island adventure. I decided to make an inspiration board for what I think is essential for the beach. Enjoy 🙂

1. A solid beach tote is really important for lugging all your goodies from the pool to the beach and back again. I am obsessed with this new one from Vineyard Vines.
2.  When it comes to sandals I am a die-hard Rainbow fan but couldn’t help but LOVE this nautical flops from VV!

3. Even though the color is super a tad obnoxious, they are very high on my wish list. There is nothing more I love than pink+green, summer, and Lilly Pulitzer and THESE combine them all in one. Perfect.

4. White is great for summer. It makes any tan look better. I have always had a soft spot for eyelets which is why I’m lusting over this Lilly dress.

5. Even though I have vowed to stop spending obscene amounts of money on sunglasses, I want these. Chanel, yum.

6.  I shouldn’t be allowed in Sephora, it’s bad. I always buy unnecessary things. However, it has benefited me in a few ways, like this Bobbi Brown tinted face lotion. The plus? SPF 15.

7. I am not able to read nearly as much as I would like which is why I love vacation. I get to sit on the beach, bask in the sun, and read. I recently purchased Shopaholic and Mini. I am a love of Sophia Kinsella and all the Shopaholic books.I also love Emily Giffin and am happy I haven’t had a chance to read her newest book, perfect for my trip. One of my favorite books is The Nanny Diaries, I have read it too many times. I heard there was a sequel and must get it for my vacation.

8. Can’t forget the iPod!

9. I recently purchased this hat from JCrew. One word: Obsessed.



Things that make me happy today:

1. Babysitting my roomie’s dog while she is away.

2. Going home for the weekend to celebrate my Dad’s birthday.

3. It is finally Friday, it has been a long week.

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