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Mr. Future Husband

20 Dec

As I said here, I recently watched New Years Eve with one of my besites. I was excited to see this movie for many reasons. One, I LOVED valentine’s day and this movie was the same director with a few of the same actors/actresses so I knew it would be great. Two, Zac Eftron. Nuff said. I have been in love with him since the first High School Musical (which isn’t creepy cuz I am one year younger than him and thus was in the same stage in life when the movie came out). Let’s take a moment to bask in the glory that is mr. future husband…

I could go on forever, but I guess I’ll stop. Even though I don’t want to. Wah

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Things that make me happy today:

1. The starbucks ornaments my mom bought for me and the roomies

2. The mass amount of holiday K-cups my mom bought for me and the roomies

3. My Mom

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